The Players Send A Message To The Slave Master But Was It Enough

Updated: April 28, 2014

Yesterday the LA Clippers took to the court in Oakland and they had a symbolic moment when they took off the their Clipper attire and had it inside out so the Logo wouldn’t be shown. It was a huge moment in NBA History but the moment could of been bigger if they would of boycotted. The Clippers flipping the attire inside was showing that they played for themselves and not for the owner Donald Sterling. The Clipper players were totally off their game as Golden State and Stephen Curry laid the smackdown on the Clippers. Doc Rivers repeatedly stated that during the game is players heads weren’t in the game. Who’s head would be in a game when they know that they are just being used for a quick buck. The Clippers minority fans will have a huge say in what happens during Game 5 because this has become more than the game its about racism.

There is only so much the players could do because this is their jobs and lively hood but in my humble opinion I wouldn’t of played. I would of boycotted this whole situation and I would of took my pride and all the work my ancestors did for me in account and would of sat out. The players are drained physically and emotionally and you can tell that when DeAndre Jordan who had 22 rebounds in game 3 has 6 rebounds in game 4 with no points at all. This was just a damn shame and I’m ashamed to even be a fan of the Clippers team for years now and I will attract all my attention to the players and the coach that I enjoy watching.

I’m glad Michael Jordan spoke up being the loan African America owner saying that he was outraged. Its now going to take a collective group of these other owners to actually get Donald Sterling out of here. Either way for Sterling he is in a win/win situation and I hate it because if the Clippers win the title he still gets a large amount of revenue and if he is forced to sell the team he will probably make close to 1 billion dollars. It pisses me off and I hope that all the minority fans that are Clipper fans don’t even show up to the game personally and just stay outside and protest that would be the right thing to do.


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