Nets Overtake Raptors Go Up 2-1 in Series

Updated: April 26, 2014

But they nearly gave it away with sloppy play towards the end

BROOKLYN – Joe Johnson scored 29 points and Deron Williams had 22 points, but it was also his 8 assists and great defense that propelled what the Brooklyn Nets were able to accomplish in beating the Toronto Raptors 102-98. The win puts the Nets 2 games to 1 ahead of the hard charging Raptors in the best of seven series. It’s still the first to four wins, but the Nets did themselves a huge favor in serving notice on their home court.

The Raptors knew the environment would be hostile because of general manager Masai Ujiri’s, pep rally “F— Brooklyn” speech which sparked much of the feud, said he encountered “no problems, everyone has been fine.”

Towards the end however they played as if they were trying to give the game away. Turnovers, missed critical free throws, fouls, you name it and the Nets did it. This team last year would have probably melted down the stretch. But with the addition of Paul Pierce and the aforementioned Garnett, there’s a stabilizing force that helps keep things in line with the boat rocks.

The Nets fans were acting as if they were in suburbia watching a golf tournament as opposed to being the midst of a much needed Playoff win. The action got heated and heavy when Kevin Garnett scrambled for a loose ball and came up after getting fouled grabbing his jersey with the Brooklyn emblem and played to the crowd. Of course there were several expletives that are unmentionable on this site, but you get the idea.

Right now, the Nets are the only pro basketball in town as the Knicks are still licking their wounds from a failed attempt as making the playoffs and firing their head coach in Mike Woodson.

Jerald L. Hoover

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