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NORTH CAROLINA (BASN): The 1st Annual Unveiling Gala Fundraising Celebration



The Laurinburg Institute is laying down the foundation to produce a showcase a history of Black high Schools in the state with a weekend event, “Unveiling, The Past, Present, and Future.”


Join with us as we launch our historic Unveiling Celebration Gala Fundraiser Program to be held on Friday, May 16, 2014, at the Fellowship Building of Bright Hopewell Church, 601 North Main Street, Laurinburg, NC. We are requesting your support of this historic event by becoming a corporate or individual sponsor.


It is the mission of Laurinburg Institute to instill character, leadership, and integrity in young men and women by providing a safe haven where students and staff may reach their full academic, spiritual, cultural, artistic and athletic potential.


For 110 years, Laurinburg institute has served the community as a home where young men and women become enlightened citizens of the world. Our sustained vision of Laurinburg Institute becoming a premier high tech fully endowed international preparatory and distance learning school, with an “Addressable Village” where high academic expectations and opportunities meet, is needed now more than ever.


Your support is needed to allow Laurinburg Institute to achieve its educational service objectives and to overcome the challenges we face now more than ever before.


This year, our fundraising goal is $50,000. We ask that you make a commitment to support our annual appeal by becoming a corporate or individual sponsor. All contributions and donations made to support Laurinburg Institute are tax deductible because the Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.


Every donation and silent auction gift makes a difference. The Institute appreciates any past support and hopes that you are able to participate this year. If you are a first time donor, we are delighted to have you aboard!


All corporate sponsors will receive broad recognition through media advertising prior to the event, on or before May 14th, and on the evening of the event. We anticipate 150 – 200 guests in attendance this year. Our “Hall of Fame and Wall of Recognition Inductees”, will be identified and celebrated.


Please let us know if you plan to attend the Gala or donate your designated seating to the Institute. This information assures proper seating and meal count. We thank you in advance for your commitment of support for Laurinburg Institute.


On behalf of the Board of Trustees, administration, students, staff, and all participants, we THANK YOU.






The Week-End Theme is, “Unveiling, The Past, Present, and Future”.

Friday, 5/16/14
9:00AM – 2:00PM Unveiling Golf Play, Deercroft Golf Course, Laurinburg , NC.

3:30-4:30PM – Unveiling “The Past” – the Identification of Laurinburg Institute as a North Carolina Historic Site, as well as the formal Unveiling of the NC State Historic Highway Marker.

4:30-5:00 PM – Unveiling “The Present” with Alumni and Inductees along with the Muriel Presentation.

5:00-7:00PM – Unveiling Silent auction takes place in Fellowship Hall at BHMBC.

6:00-8:50PM – Unveiling Dinner Gala w/ “HALL of FAME” and its “Walls of Recognition” Inductees, at BHBC.

8:50-9:00PM – Unveiling Wrap-Up.

Saturday 5/17/14

8:30-10:30AM Unveiling “The Future”, with Dr. Mable Phifer, Training & Development Seminar, TBA

11:-11:50AM – LNII Board of Trustees Annual Face-to-Face Meeting, President’s Home

12:00 Noon – National Alumni Laurinburg Institute (NALI) Conference Call

12:40-1:40PM – UVW Event Fish Fry, LNII Cafeteria

2:30 – 3:30PM – UVW Event The Community Walk & Run, LNII Athletic Field

8:30PM – 12:15AM – The Omega Psi Phi White Party, Marianna’s in Pembroke, NC

Sunday 5/18/14
11:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M. UVW Event Church Service, Bright Hopewell Baptist Church


NOTICE: The “Unveiling Weekend” public program begins on Friday, May 16, 2014, with golf play at “Deercroft Country Club” at 9:00 AM. It continues at 3:30-4:30 PM, with the actual unveiling of the NC State Historic Highway Marker on Laurinburg’s corner streets of North Main Street & McGirts Bridge Road. The afternoon public events continue from 4:30 – 5:00 PM with the unveiling and presentation of the Laurinburg Institute’s historical Mural draft.


The Historic Unveiling Gala Celebration Fundraiser Program begins at 5:00 PM with a silent auction. Ticketed seating begins at 5:40 PM. The historic unveiling of “The Present” begins with the induction of this year’s class of inductee’s during the Laurinburg Institute’s “HALL of FAME and its Wall of Recognition” Banquet which begins at 6:00-8:50 P.M. in the Fellowship Building of Bright Hopewell Church (BHBC), 601 North Main Street, Laurinburg, NC. The evening raps up at 9:00 P.M.


On Saturday, May 17, 2014, Unveiling events continue at 8:30-10:30 AM with Unveiling “The Future”, during the distance learning, fundraising, and development seminar which will be led and presented by world renowned distance learning guru, Dr. Mable Phifer, Mr. Gerald Poe, and members of the Community Empowerment Program, Chapel Hill, NC. Join us later on Saturday at the LNII Cafeteria from 12:30-2:30 P.M.for a “Down Home Fish Fry” fundraiser followed at 2:30-3:30 PM with the “Community Walk & Run” on the Institute’s athletic field. The day comes to a great crescendo at 9:00 P.M. at The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s “White Party” at Marianna’s in Pembroke, NC.


On Sunday, May 18, 2014, we conclude the Unveiling Week-end activities from 11:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M. by celebrating and praising God during church service at Bright Hopewell Baptish Church, 601 North Main Street, Laurinburg, NC.


Unveiling Gala Fundraising Celebration LNII’s “Hall of Fame” and its “Wall of Recognition”

Laurinburg Normal and Industrial Institute, 2014 “Hall of Fame” Inductees:

– Ms. Beverly Battle ’67, Washington, DC Educator, Rep. National Alumni LNII.

– Rev. J.Gentile Everett ’79, International Identify Minister, Writer, and Community Leader.

– Mr. Harold Ford ’50, Educator, Coach, and Community Leader

– Rep. Larry Hall ’74, Attorney, US Marine, the Democratic Leader of the North Carolina House Assembly.

– Ms. Gracie Diggs Harrison ’45, Philadelphia Educator

– Mr. Earl “the Goat” Manigault ’66 Basketball Legend and wife Ms. Yvonne Manigault ’66,

– Mr. Earl Smith ’77, Business Man, Executive Assistant at 40 Acres and A Mule Film Work.

– Mr. Chris Washburn ’84, Legendary NBA Players, Parade and McDonald All-American

Atty. Ted Edwards ’14, Attorney, NC Bar 2011 Citizen Lawyer Award (Honorary LNII Alumni)

Dr. DeRay Cole ’14, Director of Business Development at RCC (Honorary LNII Alumni)

– Dr. Sean McLean ’14, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Award Winner. (Honorary LNII Alumni)

– Dr. Mable Phifer ’14, and Coach Curtis Phifer, Pioneer Distance Learning Educator (Honorary LNII Alumni)

– Mr. Dave Usher ’14, Inventor, Innovator, & Jazz Recording Engineer (Honorary LNII Alumni)

– Mr. Ron Williams ’14, Senior VP, 5Linx Corporation (Honorary LNII Alumni)


Laurinburg Normal and Industrial Institute “Hall of Fame’s”, 2014 “Wall of Recognition ” Recipients.
Atlanta, GA; Asheville, NC, Augusta, GA – Mr. Rufus Hankerson, State President GA Black Football Coach Association.
Camden, SC, Charlotte, NC – Dr. Ken Chambers,
Charleston, SC –
Clarkton, NC -Coach Harold Ford,
Columbia, SC – Mr. Emory Waters,
Detroit, MI –
Durham, NC – Mr. Henry Michaux,
Fayetteville, NC – Mr. Fred Whitted, Writer, Black College Heritage Review
Goldsboro, NC – Central HS, Dillard HS
Greensboro, NC – Rev. Cardes Brown,
Hartsville, SC – Dr. Alvin Heatley, Coach Thomas, Butler HS.
Hickory, NC – Mr. Grover Linbocker,
Laurinburg, NC – Mr. James Bernard Stewart,
I Ellis Johnson –
Shaw –
Carver –
Maxton, NC – Mr. Charles McLaurin ’65, R. B. Dean HS
Richmond, VA –
Raleigh, NC – Mr. Harvey Hartley, Mr. James Monroe, Washington HS.
Proctorville, NC – Mr. Alphonso McRae
Washington, DC – Mr. Gerald Poe
Wilson, NC – Mr. Harry Harris,
Winston-Salem, NC – Mr. Quamin Finney,
Wilmington, NC – Dr. Roger Gauseu

Please find below the levels of corporate, individual, and patron sponsorship

Speaker Sponsor – $5,000: (Individuals/Business) Sponsorship indicated on invitation and all pre-event advertisement; prominent display of your corporate banner; 20 tickets (two corporate tables which seat 8 each plus 4 tickets); full-page ad in our historic souvenir program; special oral acknowledgement the evening of the event; special “Thank You” display in our next newsletter; and a photo opportunity (if desired);

Platinum – $2,500: (Individuals/Business) Prominent display of your corporate banner; 16 tickets (two corporate tables which seat 8 each); full-page ad in program; special oral acknowledgement the evening of the event; special “Thank You” display in our next newsletter; and a photo opportunity (if desired);

Diamond – 2,000: (Individuals/Business) Prominent display of corporate banner; 14 tickets (one corporate table which seats 8 and 6 tickets); full-page ad in program; special oral acknowledgement the evening of the event; special “Thank You” display in our next newsletter; and a photo opportunity (if desired);

Gold – $1,500: (Individuals/Business) 12 tickets (one corporate table which seats 8 and 4 tickets); One-half-page ad in program; special oral acknowledgement the evening of the event; special “Thank You” display in our next newsletter; and a photo opportunity (if desired);

Silver – $1,000: (Individuals/Business) 10 tickets (one corporate table which seats 8 each and 2 tickets); One-half-page ad in program; special oral acknowledgement the evening of the event; special “Thank You” display in our next newsletter; and a photo opportunity (if desired);

Bronze – $500: (Individuals/Business) 8 tickets (one corporate table which seats 8); 1/4 page ad in program; special oral acknowledgement the evening of the event; special “Thank You” display in our next newsletter; and a photo opportunity (if desired);

Golf Foursome Event – $400: (Group) 4 Tee Time Tickets and 4 Banquet Tickets, (Designated table w/4 tickets seating); One-half-page golf article in historic program; special oral acknowledgement the evening of the event; special “Thank You” display in our next newsletter; and a photo opportunity (if desired)

Table – $200: (Individuals/Business) Designated table seating (8 tickets). Special “Thank You” display in our next newsletter. A table seats eight.

Individual Tickets – $30 each, 2 tickets – $50;
Patrons of Support – $10 and Up;
Program Ads: $100 – full-page; $50 – 1/2 page; $25 – 1/4 page;
Silent Auction begins at 5:30 P.M. in BHBC’s Fellowship Hall
Golf Play $75.00 / Golf Play and 1 Banquet Ticket $100.00

The Second Recommendation Project to develop awareness and financial support for the Board’s “2nd Century Campaign Educational Plan” is: The LAURINBURG INSTITUTE HERITAGE CENTER

Purpose: The Laurinburg Institute Heritage Center is a Research Center for the Laurinburg Institute. It’s a museum, it’s a “Hall of Fame” which houses its “Walls of Recognition”, and a repository of the all-Black high schools’ history that existed during the days of segregation and the civil rights struggle.

Method: This facility will serve as home for the general history of Laurinburg Institute and other schools that produced the great leaders of the Black community in the first half of the twentieth century. It will also tell the story of the great music and athletic programs that produced the musicians, coaches and athletes that went on to star in the international stages, as well as, college and professional ranks.

As a member of the North Carolina High School Athletic Conference, Laurinburg Institute, won several basketball state championships; this history includes several High School National Championships which produced NBA and Basketball Hall of Fame player Sam Jones. This facility will combine standard exhibits as well as a digit museum that will provide a permanent record of what was accomplished during the days of segregation, integration, and renewal.

NOTE: One of the information sources that will serve as the foundation for this facility is a book titled “The Black Conference” written by Fred Whitted. “The Black Conference” is the first narrative of the history of the Black high schools across the State of North Carolina.

THE HERITAGE CENTER – The logical location is the Ivy Close McDuffie-Melton Library Building. The idea is to provide a sizable building with easy access for both the school and the public along with sufficient parking. The location of other buildings will allow for future expansion, if necessary. Another thought is to look at using the gym and some of the attached building. Consider rename the gym in honor of Sam Jones. A second name that could be added is Charlie Scott. Both played for the Boston Celtics. Some consideration should be given to selling naming rights to some portions of the buildings.

Exhibits: The exhibits will be arranged into four sections.

The First Section – Will be devoted to the history of the Laurinburg Institute, to include a special portion devoted to the McDuffie Family. Photos and other memorabilia that helped to tell the historic story of the Institute’s 110 year history will be housed in this section…

The DOMAP Section
Founders & Builders Generations (1904 – 1954)
Emmanuel Monte McDuffie, Sr.
Mrs. Tinny Etheridge McDuffie, Sr.

Expanders & Identity Branding Generations (1954 – 1994)
Frank Howe McDuffie, Sr.
Mrs. Sammie Etta Sellers McDuffie, Sr.

Sustaining & Replication Generations (1994 – Present)
Frank Howe McDuffie, Jr.
Mrs. Cynthia Ricks McDuffie

You may also contact Mr. Fred Whitted online at for further information about this event.`



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