Knicks Abuse Nets in Battle of the Borough

Updated: April 5, 2014

But team loses ground to Hawks with loss to Wizards

NEW YORK – Sometimes they wow you with tantalizing play during a game, a half or a quarter. Sometimes that splendid play comes in a form of winning streaks and such. But other times, the team that plays on West 34th Street can make you scratch your head to the white meat. That is the state of the New York Knicks, the 2014 version.

This version for all of its high hopes and title dreams, some say delusions of grandeur is fighting just to make it to the playoffs with an 8th seed. That’s a far cry from what this team with basically its same core looked like last season en route to the Atlantic Division title and a 54 win season.

This teams seems to get up and stay up for the great teams in the league but as new President Phil Jackson said recently, “we tend to play down to the also ran’s.” That’s not a good thing if you’re keeping score. The Knicks put on a masterful and brilliant performance against the cross-town rival Brooklyn Nets, beating almost wire to wire, 110-81. The knicks led by JR Smith (24 points) and Carmelo Anthony (23 points) had 5 players in double figures compared to the Nets who (who played lifeless) only had 3 players to reach double digits.

After that Knicks win on Wednesday night, the team was ahead of the Atlanta Hawks by percentage points for the 8th seed. But a funny thing happened when the Knicks welcomed in the Washington Wizards.

The Wizards led by John Wall and Bradley Beal have already clinched a playoff spot. But they’re still playing the string out as if they’re fighting for positioning. The Knicks lost a heartbreaker, 90-89 while the Hawks beat up on the Cleveland Cavaliers 117-98.

These are the type of nights that give true Knicks fans fits. Not that the Wizards are the pushover teams of times past, because they’re clearly not. But when the Knicks can beat the Indiana Pacers, albeit the reeling Pacers, and you bludgeon the Nets, there’s no reason to lose against any of the lesser teams, for any reason.

Next up for Knicks, the LeBron and Wade lead, Miami Heat on national television. We will see what these Knicks are truly made of.

Jerald L. Hoover

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