Donald Sterling . . . The Redneck’s White-Slip Is Showing, Again!

Updated: April 27, 2014

Donald Sterling, owner of what he most likely regards as a plantation – the NBA’s LA Clippers,  is a 19th century good ol’ boy who’s at last cut his own throat. An filthy-ass rich, racist insecure twisted fat-cat freak with Jungle Fever. Dig this – he yearns for what he hates . . .  he lust for beautiful Black n’ Tan tramps to bed, specifically V Stiviano . . . yet  willingly allows her to truly pleasure herself with well-endowed Black men . . . Black men like the “Mandingos” he pays millions to on the Clippers  . . . to make him tens-of-millions.

However, predictably  Sterling  doesn’t want his personal whore-of-color  to associate with Mandingos when I Phones and’ cameras may be watching . . . He’s made that clear to Stiviano and she made it crystal clear to the world.

I’d say sexually twisted, however it’s not “shocking.”  This is the well-documented, highly chronicled lust-patterns and activities of White men for the last half-a- millennium . . . it’s just that as a society White men won’t permit this conversation to be had, right sportsfans?

Sterling apparently pimps and exploits Black players as well as ethnically exotic Golds diggers.

Elgin Baylor, NBA great and onetime Clipper Helmsman  is nodding his head today – he sued this bigoted bastard for employment discrimination on the basis of age/ race . . . and lost.  Baylor alleged Sterling told him that he wanted to fill his team with “poor black boys from the South and a white head coach .. . and did just that.

Nor need I mention Sterling’s off the hardwood court legal ills n’ woes; this is a guy who payed out almost 3 million dollars to the Feds for housing discrimination violations against Americans-of-Color.  Sterling is alleged to have once said he did not like to rent to Hispanics because they “smoke, drink and just hang around the building,” and that “Black tenants smell and attract vermin.”

I don’t know, what more do you need to confirm Sterling a member of that group Hammerin’ Hank Aaron so aptly described as dressed up KKK members? Wall street Aristocrats with transparent sheets . . .

The Redneck has-on no britches . . . .

What we’ve got here boys . . . is a prime, prime example of Django UnChained  . . . A portrayal of plantation owners pitting their prize Niggers, “Mandingos,” against another plantations “Mandingos” while compensating them the least they’re forced-to . . . the continued, ageless  exploitation and profiteering off of Black men they despise. While nevertheless desiring and actually denigrating Black women.

No? This is precisely how we went from African to Black . ..

Yes, this young dizzy tramp has been degraded whether or not she understands that or not my friend. Ask her parents if she’s been belittled, slighted and shamed by the highest bidder? Sure she’s outed a bigot . . . but how she got herself in such a position can’t be ignored or respected.

Sterling developed a case of small penis-phobia after Stiviano posted a photo of herself with Magic on Instagram. He asked why Stiviano was “broadcasting” her associations with Blacks “Why publicize it on the Instagram and bring it to my games?” he asked. “It bothers me a lot if you want to broadcast that you are associating with black people.”

He went on to say “Don’t put him [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me.  And don’t bring him to my games.”

That’s enough. End of Story.

The men who comprise the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers team, from head coach Doc Rivers and  team captain Chris Paul,  Superstar baller Blake Griffin and the lone Great white Hope JJ Redick on through the roster should refuse to work-for, perform-for the likes of Donald Sterling . . .  Exercise a little Black Power!

There ought be logical, predictable consequences and repercussions coming down, and there ought not be any argument or debate about “how or why” he’s insulted and offended an entire racial group . . . despite whether or not the rank n’ file White guy thinks so. A Black person can be offended regardless if a White person agrees or not its racism.

Of all the people in the world White folks surely aren’t  the unbiased, non-jaded determiners of racism being valid in any situation.

How can Donald Sterling not be weighed, measured n’ pounded . .  and then rightfully  held accountable/responsible and yes financially liable for his private remarks?  They’re out in the open – there’ll be an reaction to his demeaning perspectives. It can’t be helped. He trusted the wrong call girl.

New league commissioner Adam Silver had better move expeditiously  to vanquish him from the round-ball round-table. The NBA ought fine him millions for tarnishing their public brand. Certainly the question of violating some portion of his contract with the league regarding his public image. And least I mention . . . How did this Confederate minded SOB last so long as an owner if, if I say, other owners weren’t empathetic and sympathetic to his views. Recall Rush Limbaugh is a welcomed face in NFL owner’s penthouses.

He’s not the only Republican TEA Party card carrier who owns a professional sports franchise

Already this should be in the works,  and I’m dippin’ my quill in the e-ink and it’s Sunday,  early in the AM here in the majestic Rockies

And please note; There is legal precedent in the wide-world of sport – MLB’s  Marge Schott infamous one-time owner of the Cincinnati Reds made racist comments about Afro-American players,  baseball suspended her for one year. Later she made flattering remarks related-to Adolf Hitler – she was suspended for 3 years.

If there’s a will, there’s a way.


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