Updated: March 4, 2014

North Carolina (BASN)-1. Oregon State’s WR Brandin Cooks collected $100,000 from Adidas for the fastest 40 time at the  NFL Combine.

2. Seattle Seahawks Mix Skittles are selling for $2000 on e-bay after RB Marshawn Lynch signed an endorsement deal. (BOSS)

3. The Milwaukee Brewers free agent pitcher Matt Garza has agreed to four year contract worth $50 million.

4. Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Warren Moon was scammed out of $200,000 with a fake offer to buy 5% of the Miami Heat.

5. Rapper Juicy J from 3-six Mafia offered a female a $50,000 scholarship for twerking.

6. The University of Norte Dame announced that they are building a new stadium valued at $400 million.

7. According to several sources, pop-corn pop singer Justin Bieber is blowing $1 million a month.

8. The Raiderettes are suing the Oakland Raiders for $5 million.

9. Thanks to Johnny Manizel, Texas A&M officials have approved a $16 million football renovation project.

10. According to FORBES.COM, Michael Jordan made $91 Million last year.

11. A Texas high school in Atlan, Texas paid $66 million for a stadium, but have to close it due to some cracks in the concrete of the stadium’s concourse.

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