Obama Vs Putin: The President Lacks The Angry White Man’s Anger. . . And That Angers them.

Updated: March 25, 2014

Obama vs Putin . . . this standoff  is slightly-more complicated and complex than it appears, more than merely  a  crumbling empire pitted against an collapsing empire. . . beyond a cultural conflict; this is a vintage Heavyweight battle hand-crafted  for MTV’s old celebrity claymation bouts – two bobbleheads battling for who’s got hold the claim to fame for the biggest penis on the globe; the Mary Jane lovin’  half Black college professor, “Cool Breeze,” or the nasty little Napoleonic KBG/SS Assassin . . . .

Good versus Evil . . . ? Black Vs. White? Same thing uh?

In this corner of the world . . .  a classic analytical gentleman Boxer in Obama, on his bicycle, movin’, stickin’,  jabbin’ – scoring, seldom being bullied into a corner . . .  going  against a cocky caged pitbull bar-room brawler – a “big” little-man with a “little man” complex.

Look at it as Muhammad Ali vs any Great White Hope – either of the Quary brothers, Great Britain’s Henry Cooper . . .    Say even Sugar Ray, the “Original 1957” Sugar going against Jake Lamotta . . .

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this bout are the political spectators and bystanders who you’ve got on the sidelines commenting,  playing Monday-morning emperor . . your Republican TEA Party  Warhawks –   “Captain Hindsight n’ Major Obvious”  doing all this moanin’’, groanin’, bitchin’ and complainin’’ talking about how Obama ought to be, if not  readying nuclear missiles, at least talkin’ bout Putin’s momma, playing the political dozens instead of taking the hi’ road . . .

Yes, that’s right, with Obama  being a “Officer and a Gentleman,” and not a high-strung Redneck . . . this. is infuriating the good ol Boys – from John “Rifleman”  McCain to Rand Paul and Shawn Hannity. They want Obama to think n’ react as they would . . .  like a angry, mean, hostile and paranoid White men would . . . “overreact” and attack anything which moves. Shoot first, think about it day-after-tomorrow.

Listen to McCain; “Crimea has exposed the disturbing lack of realism that has characterized our foreign policy under President Obama. It is this worldview, or lack of one, that must change.”

Obama’s administration, McCain wrote, supports the perception that the U.S. can “pull back from the world at little cost to our interests and values. This has fed a perception that the United States is weak, and to people like Mr. (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, weakness is provocative.”

Mitt Romney blamed  President Obama in naivete and inability to anticipate the actions of Russia in the  “There is no doubt that the ingenuity of the President on Russia and his inability to understand Russian aspirations, led to a series of foreign policy problems we are facing,”

They want Obama to ‘think like” General George A. Armstrong, but instead the President thinks more akin to Chiefs Crazy Horse and Sitting  Bull . . . can you get to that?

Remember 1960’s TV,  Big Valley . .. “The Barkley’s’,  just think about it – the “Right” can best be best-represented by ‘Nick” – while Obama  is “Jarrod,” reasonable, charming  a lawyer. Or, if you were a Bonanza fan – The GOP ‘s posterboy is ‘Little Joe” . . not “Adam,” who was obviously a Democrat.

“Hoss n’ Heath’ are Moderates . . . Independents?

Obama will outmaneuver Putin,  economically  and mentally – go from playing “rope-a-Russia- dope” to  bobbin’ n’ weavin’, get on his bike, make Putin have to geographically and logistically  cover the entire four-corners of the globe , the President will stick n’ jab, out-point Putin in the world-wide court-of-public opinion, never allow the “Little Red  Emperor”  to launch that big Russian bomb . . .

See, what the “Right” embodies  is Pete Rose, Jimmy Connor,  Bill Laimbeer, Bill Romanowski , Jack Lambert, Danny Ainge –  great gladiators, nonetheless assholes;  mean, nasty, bulls in a fine china shop types . . . Richie Incognito and Tom Cousins.

Here you go . .  you may not dig this my Caucasian reader, but dig this; with no personal disrespect for the great Chicago Bear barbarian, Dick Butkus – but  that  “enforcer/punisher” type maniacal bully – that’s how White men, “real men” “real Americans”  relate-to and seek-to  imitate and employ this mentality themselves.

As a WASP culture I’d have to conclude the WASP mindset tends-to think along these  lines, it’s a Nordic-Viking/Scottish/Irish Redneck/Aryan/Cowboy cultural thing . . . I don’t know? Nevertheless that’s how “these people” see it. I think it speaks to the popularity of Ultimate fighting, the NHL, Pro-wrestling/ Redneck Reality Shows and school shootings . . . . Blend it up all together and you’ve got one angry, pissed off White man.

Think Rush Limbaugh and Tom Cruz . . . .

The overreaction  the  GOTP desire from this President reflects the traditional  American  mindset which got the US into Korea, Vietnam, South America, and the Arab World . . .  and present-day “Conservative” perspectives.  It’s the snowman calling the snowball “White “. . .  The bloodshed Republicans  are willing to have someone else’s child spill mirrors an arrogant attitude and perverted empirical perspective of the world.

These Redneck frat boys want to pitch a tantrum in the middle-of-the-living room . . . with all the family over the house, in-laws n’ all. This is the spoiled brat “screw the world “mentality on display.

Please note; most of the President’s punk-ass warhawk critics dodged the bloodshed-filled conflicts of their era. . . like Big George Bush n’ Little Dick Cheney.

Recall how Pat Buchanan and the ‘good ol’ boys” wanted President Obama to disrespect the late  Hugo Chavez and even the whole “Bowing” issue with the Japanese  . . . talk about “arrogant Americans.”

That ‘mentality” is partially  why the American Empire enjoys the global reputation that it does . . . .

Would it be fair to  say this President has a different opinion and perspective of “empire building” and “empire implosion” and the role the American empire ought play in “policing the globe.’ This entanglement is the embodiment of a Gentleman versus a Caveman . . .with the neanderthals at ringside screaming for blood.



  1. Ibrahim

    March 28, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    Amen. As usual Obama is playing Chrss, while they lose at checkers. The same people that supported going to war against Iraq would be ignored in an ideal world. The media should be ashamed for taking them serious.

  2. Michael Ingram

    April 2, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    excellent piece brother!

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