The NFL: Asked To Do What Most Black Folks Apparently Can’t . . . Raise Our Boys Into Men

Updated: March 2, 2014

Here, let me tell you from Jumpstreet, I’m gonna step-on some toes n’ hurt some feelings n’ go long. Count-on-it. But, no storm. . . no pretty rainbow, right?


The NFL’ s got a problem; it’s their “Nigger problem” . . . How do they control the self-titled Niggers from calling one n’ another . . . Niggers? Isn’t that interesting?


The NFL and the US-of-A have the same identical problem . . . Niggers, how do you handle and control  Niggers?  Please note; the Republican TEA Party folks, who represent  50% of the nation -the Conservative half, which is 75% of all White Americans, it is their assertion Niggers are ghettoizing, thugarizing, so yes ultimatedly Niggerizing America.


Ironic isn’t it? Perhaps the Chickens are commin’ home to roost?


The NFL’s problem can be traced directly back to the points Bill Cosby’s been trying to make for a decade . . . our young Black boys . . . and for that matter girls haven’t  been  brought-up-properly, taught “right from wrong.”


Parenting commences at home, not on the NFL playing field.


We, as a people, our culture isn’t mass-producing  Russell Wilsons,  we’ve but an Hobbit’s handful of Jonathan Martins types going-around quoting Aristotle instead of “Drake.” This gentle kid might-as-well have been a Martian from Mars.


The Richie Incognitos’ of the world, i.e., “White Trash”  is deemed, by Black gladiators to be more Blacker than an Stanford enlightened Martin and thus Richie’s an genuine, authentic honorary Nigger . . .


Ain’t that a tragic bitch?


Are we blind to “how” we as a people have lowered our own internal expectations . . . down, down, down to the gutter in many instances. We’ve got a blame the White world excuse for all our own dysfunctional behavior. As Malcolm said “we beg for what we need and buy what we want . . . “


We, as  Black men define our manhood by how many babies we’ve made and jails we’ve laid our heads down-in. In countless Black families . . . Uncle Sam is the “man-of-the-house,” the breadwinner. Far too-many Black neighborhoods are almost void of real trade n’ commerce except for firewater shacks,  Pawn shops, Barber shops,  BBQ shacks, corner churches and cash checkin’ joints . . .


Have we no shame? The  Ethiopians and Mexicans are running circles around Negroes, Blacks, African-Americans, whatever-in-the-world we are.


Douglass, Booker T., Garvey, DuBois, MLK and Mr. X, these historical icons have got to be spinnin’ in their graves, doing cartwheels looking-down at the Nigger shanaggians we engage in. The range of the Black rage, the self-destruction we wage upon one another. Harriet Tubman risked her life for what? Ms. Parks didn’t give-up her seat . . . for what? Huey P. n’ Bobby Seale picked-up the gun for what?


Have we no shame I ask?!


This era of  “lost Negroes” have slight appreciation for or knowledge-of the past-plight of their own people, for unlike Asians, Jews . . . , Africans (real Black people)  who send their talented 10th, no, their talented 65% to ethnically-enriching schools on Saturday and academic camps in the Summer,  our Black  American children are sent to the mall . . .  just so they can “get their asses out of this house,”


You Blacker-than-Black folks who beg-to-differ – you tell me, you show me where the investment in our children begins. I’ve spent the last decade in Denver’s most infamous Black  middle school . . . and I’ve yet to see as many Black mommas and daddies at a PTA meeting as you see “up in da’ club” on Friday night during “Happy Hour . . . .” The Latinos aren’t much different.


Can I make this point? Women are born, ladies are made. Men are born, Gentlemen are made. Both must be hand-crafted and created. Molded n’ shaped by caring, loving, interested hands and hearts – which give-a-damn. People willing to make an investment of their time and money in their children. And we, as Black people, on a hole, not everybody, but tragically, apparently much more than 50% are failing to do so, and some might argue. . . failing-so in miserable fashion.


Call it Black Disney, what’s wrong with it!?


We’ve been mass-producing The Atlanta and NBA Housewive’s kids who walk-around tossing-around words like Nigger . . .  bitch, ho, mofo and everything else,  like you and I say please, thank you and you’re welcome. Once more, in my middle school – “Nigger” is unequivocally the word-of-endearment/choice for 7th graders. And mind-you, these are cats n’ kittens – but 12 years-old and most are reading multiple-grade levels below where they should be.


They throw-away their lunches you pay for, and they tend to be well-geared – phones, expensive Chuck Taylors…. Can’t spell cat, can’t tell time on a wall-clock . . .  9 x 7  is akin to prehistoric Chinese trigonometry. . . .


They’ll tell you in a heartbeat ”Mr. Cortez, my momma said Nigger ain’t no bad word – and she says it all the time . . she said you’re  just some busshi suburban Nigger who forgot where you come from . .. “See a number-of-use are a but-a-footstep away from sharecropping n’ Minstrel Shows’ i our thinking and reasoning.


I inform them I come from the 213, Crenshaw, Gramercy St/90062, circa 1973, and my folks, card-carrying Che-Lumumba Communist Party People, Black Panthers and proud NAACP members who taught me “who” I was, “where” I came from, “where” I needed to get to, and what was “right” from “wrong . . . .”

I’ve done the same with mine, and he with his . . .


Based on the simple numbers; teenage out-of-wedlock births, drop-out rates, and imprisonment numbers . . . the Black Misery Index . . . is undeniably staggering. We, as a people aren’t planning nor preparing for the births of our children, and after they arrive we’re not making them the top-priority in our lives.

Who does? I don’t know, but we damn-sure don’t


Our Black children, their street-corner language, their limited interest, their hustler-values reflect our neglect and non-prioritizing of them. Most can only function and survive “on the Reservation.” Black man-cubs, 20 years-old, entering the NFL tend-to-be not ready for “prime-time.” Not prepared for life “off the Black reservation” out in. . . yes whether you like it or not . . .the White man’s world.


Our neglect of our children  has created this opportunity for the “angrt White man”  to disingenuously play the “concerned Great White Father” and do what we, as Black men and women have failed to do . . . teach our children to respect themselves and one-another.  And pathetically this an chance to disassociate themselves with their forefathers dastardly deeds, to preach-to and teach young Black men  the horrific history of the word Nigger.


You tell me – I don’t really know what can be more insulting to us Black folks, me n’ you, than this.


What an ironic moment this is for Black folks.


The NFL’ aristocratic owners round-table relishes this Rush Limbaugh moment of irony, while tactically manipulating this issue, strategically taking the higher, more “civilized and refined” road,  fulfilling the definition of  “parent.”  If they don’t help the lowly minded-Negroes, assist-in doing what black parents can’t do – raise, bring-up, look-after, educate and enlighten young Black men. . .

What a ridiculous yet  amusing farce.


We Black folks must confess; there are those of us who,  for all intense purposes,  our kids might-as-well-of been raised by a band of wolves.   Our failures have placed disinterested  and non-empathetic super-rich  White men in this sad-ass situation.


When I heard Chris Rock utter “I love Black people . . I hate Niggers”  two decades-ago and he pointed-out how Niggers make it hard for good, decent Black folks – I thought he was so, so very correct and on the money. Please note, I’ve been Black all my life, just over half-a-century, and over that time-span I’ve concluded . . .I love Black people . . . but Niggers continue to frustrate and aggravate me to no end.


Let me tell you why . . .


Niggers are merely lost Negroes, misinformed and under-educated family members and friends , mislead n’ lead-astray . . . “simpleminded” simpletons who can’t see the forest for the trees, can’t see the big picture for the little picture on their I-phones and can’t grasp there’s a whole world and way-of-life far-different and undisputedly better than ghetto-life the White man has prescribed us. There’re plenty of Niggers with degrees, B’mers, titanium-bling and living in the burbs – and they still think like Niggers.


Yes, there’s a Nigger mindset and perspective . . . and it’s killing us proud Afro-Americans, dragging you and I down.


There’s a whole complete generation, a few generations to be exact of Black people who consider themselves to be “Niggers.” They’ll tell you “how” they’ve been Niggers “keepin’ it real” all their lives – and they don’t wanna-change . . . evolve, grow, progress. They can elaborate on  “why” they prefer to be Niggers, what Niggers are, how “Real Niggahs” dress, talk, eat, dance, make love . . . you name it and there’s some genuine, authentic version of it which is uniquely Niggerish.


Shame is a great motivator for some. . .  and I’m hoping we, as Black Americans are ashamed of ourselves for once. White folks pontificating about the perils of the word Nigger. Apart of being a man or woman is to be able to admit to ones faults and shortcomings. But in the end – to White folks, we’re all Niggers, don’t ever forget that, I don’t.


  1. Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

    March 3, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    Driving Ms. Daisy,Flight, Training Day, Monsters Ball, The Help, Precious,The Butler, and now 12 Years A Slave,yes no matter how you spell it N****r is still N****r and Hollywood will remind us every time.

  2. cdf

    March 22, 2014 at 1:13 am

    Good points! It feels like BizaroWorld out here…o_O

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