Boxcino Middleweight Begins

Updated: March 2, 2014

This weekend, it was the Middleweights who took center stage in ESPN boxcino tournament beginning with Brandon Adams vs Daniel Edouard, who was coming out of retirement.    The first round was hardly eventful as neither fighter did much even though Edouard did manage to land a couple of combinations.    Adams pushed the action against Edouard in the second round as he nailed the veteran with solid body shots to the body and even used a couple of uppercuts to score. 


In the fourth round, Adams timed a left hook as he countered Edouard lazy jab.  Edouard went crumbling down and Edouard used his wile just to survive the rest of the round.  Edouard went back to the corner admitted that he had nothing left and after three years of retirement, Edouard decided it time once again to end his boxing career.  In a career full of tough fights, Edouard was an old 33 year fighter with nothing left.  Adams scored a TKO victory and stayed undefeated. 

Undefeated Sena Agbeko faced Raymond Gartica in the second bout.  Both fighters threw wide punches after punches against each other and most of those punches missed their target.  However some punches connected but Gartica landed some straight left but neither fighter showed no real techniques.

This continued into the second round and beginning of the third round, Gartica started to land some solid left and Agbeko slowed down.  Gartica assaulted and trapped Agbeko along the rope. Gartica pounded Agbeko with accurate left hands and nailed Agbeko with a round house right hook.

Raymond Gartica continued his pounding the next round and he added some solid body shots to his repertoire as he let his hands to go.  Agbeko wasn’t throwing punches back and the referee stopped the fight as Agbeko could no longer defend himself.

Cerresso Fort was raised close to Hammond Indiana in Chicago and he faced the tough undefeated Vitaliv Kopylenko,   Kopylenko used his jab to set up his other punches and those jabs found their target against Ford.  Kopylenko punches staggered Ford whose legs looked rubbery throughout the second half of the first round.

Kopylenko started the second round with a left jab knockdown within thirty seconds and Ford got back up but his legs wobbled.  Kopylenko finished up Ford with another solid combination that included a left jab followed by a hook and ended up with right hand.  

In the final bout of the night, Willie Monroe challenged Donatas Bondorovas in a classic boxer (Monroe)  versus slugger (Bondorovas).    Over the first six minutes, Monroe used his leg to gain the upper hand as he was able to pot shot the plodding Bondorovas.    Bondorovas started to close the distance near the end of the third round and into the fourth round.   Monroe did show some defense brilliance as he managed to duck many of Bondorovas’ punches.   

Going into the fifth round, it was a close fight and it proved to hard fight to score as a judge had to ask do I like the boxing and defensive skills of Monroe or the aggressive nature of Bondorovas?    Over the last minute, Monroe rallied after an initial close round but the most interesting aspect of the sixth round was Bondorovas throwing out one of his tooth into his corner.   Willie Monroe won the fight with an unanimous decision.  This was one of those fights that could have gone either way. You could have scored it 5 to 1 in favor of Bondorovas or 5 to 1 in favor of Monroe. I had it in favor of Monroe as did the judges. 

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