Alvarez Pounds Angulo

Updated: March 11, 2014

Like Sherman marching through Georgia, Saul Canelo Alvarez marched right through Alfredo Angulo ‘s defenses.   Alvarez found his rhythm early and this time around, he wasn’t facing a defensive wizard in Floyd Mayweather but a big punching plodding fighter in Angulo. 

Saul "Canelo"Alvarez, Alfredo Angulo

From the opening bell, it was obvious that Alvarez was the superior technician and combined with his own heavy hands, Alvarez scored at will against Angulo defenses.  Early in the first round, Alvarez landed a left hook followed by a right/left combination. Shortly after a weak Angulo jab, Alvarez pounded Angulo with a left to the head and to the body.  Angulo took one punch after another as he failed to gain any momentum of his own and this was just the first three minutes.

In round two, Alvarez added uppercuts to the regimen and Angulo looked over his head as he had no answer to the constant barrage coming his way.  After this round, Angulo corner wanted their fighter to be fiercer but early in the third round, an Alvarez assault beginning with a left hook to the body ended any hope of that happening.  By the fourth round, Angulo ‘s left eye stared to swell and close.  Meanwhile, Alvarez pounded Angulo to the body and Angulo punches looked weak in comparison.

At the halfway mark of the scheduled twelve rounder, it would have been hard to give any rounds to Angulo and it was obvious that his only chance was a lucky punch to end it but he hardly dented Alvarez’s defenses. 

In the eighth round, Angulo showed a little life as he pounded left hooks to the Alvarez’s body and even a solid right hand but the early body work by Alvarez took whatever power Angulo had out of him.  The ninth round was nothing but the same as the previous eight as Alvarez outworked Angulo by using a variety of punches, from left hooks to upper cuts and straight rights. 

As the tenth round began, Angulo looked the part of a beaten fighter as his eyes were swollen and his faced lumped up.  Then a head twisting left upper cut propelled Angulo head some 180 degree and at this point, referee Tony Weeks saw enough and called the fight.

On this night, Alvarez showed that he was back in the elites of the 154 pounds but the question that remains can Alvarez make weight anymore at 154 pounds?   There is one fight left to be made at 154 pounds and that is against the dangerous Erislandy Lara whose boxing skills and guile could match Alvarez power.  That is if Alvarez can make weight and chose to fight the ever dangerous Cuban.

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