Knicks Season Becoming More than Just a Bad Dream

Updated: February 25, 2014

Someone turns out yet another light in darken season

NEW YORK – The Knicks haven’t been this bad in like forever. And no, not even in the Scott Layden times or in the Isaiah Thomas, Stephon Marbury times of craziness. The Knicks seem like a ship in the midst of the deep blue sea without a compass, map or any radio signals. The forever looming question of whether Carmelo Anthony will stay or head for the hills isn’t helping matters any.

Oh and the fact that the Knicks do not own a pick at all in this upcoming NBA Draft which is said by many to be one of the deepest and most talented in many a year. Not unless the team is able to buy a pick as they’ve done in the past they would have to do some serious Houdini type magic to improve the roster before 2015.

The Knicks have lost 3 devastating games in a row: the 14 point blown lead against the Orlando Magic in Orlando; the 17 point lead against the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta; the buzzing beating shot by Dirk Nowitzki to give the Dallas Mavericks a 2 point win on the Knicks’ home floor.

It’s almost as if there is a dark cloud hovering over the Knicks. The new and improved Madison Square Garden is far from home-court advantage for the Boys from Gotham. In fact it’s becoming the perfect elixir for the opposing team.
From going from a 54 win season to this is really disheartening to Knicks fans, especially with the Eastern Conference being such a weak conference. This year has been laden with poor and shoddy play, injuries, tension amongst the brethren in the locker room which is normal when your team is losing. And not to mention whispers of people rumored to lose their jobs.

Not to make matters worse but starting point guard, Raymond Felton who’s having a subpar season at best was arrested early Tuesday morning for an apparent illegal gun charge. Felton who is said to be going through a divorce from his wife of less than 2 years turned himself in to the 20 Precinct. His estranged wife along with her lawyer turned the gun over to the authorities.

Reigning Sixth-man of the Year, JR Smith was also caught on camera pulling the headband of Vince Carter over his eyes while on the field of play. Will he be suspended again or that or just called on the carpet?

Jerald L. Hoover

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