Jason Collins And Michael Sam; Two Strong Black Men . . . .

Updated: February 25, 2014

Little Bobby has two mommies, while little Marie has two daddies . . . . Cave men and Neanderthals die slowly, very slowly.


It’s gonna be difficult, damn-hard for me to accept the idea I ought tell my little girl “why yes sweetheart, one day you’ll get  married, and you may marry a man, you may marry a women . . .  there’s no difference“  but it surely seems a strong, vocal segment of the Happy n’ Gay community expects me to utter those very words . . . or, or I’m a homophobic relic from yesteryear who simply does not “get it.”


And I’ve got serious qualms about the LGBT community branding their struggle for dignity  directly to the Black struggle for our humanness. As-well, I’m Black 24/7 – there’s not a moment I can disclaim my heritage. One’s sexual desires can be masked, stored in the closet when deemed necessary. Rednecks and good ol boys can see a . . . Negro coming a mile away.


So there’s more than a few subtle differences between our plights, nonetheless Black folks and Gay people are the targets of, dig this  regular, ordinary folks.


I can’t imagine the wrath, the hatred reserved for Gay Black people.  Michael Sam and Jason Collins will be able to illustrate that hate for you, say about a year from now . . . Love will triumph but hatred and ignorance will raise holy hell. . .


Understand where I’m coming from on this; I’m a product of a Progressive/Liberal California household, had Gay folks sprinkled throughout my family as long as I can recall. I can’t say everyone embraced the lifestyle but they accepted/tolerated it because hey . . . whatever puts a glide in your stride n’ a dip in your hip is up to you, as long as it ain’t hurting the helpless. Nevertheless it seems undeniable whoever or whatever crafted humans made the idea sexual intercourse to be that between men and women. The parts fit and are designed to replicate the human race.


That seems undeniable and indisputable Romper Room logic to me, but it;s not to many.


At some point I believe Gay people are going to have to admit – for arguments sake some people sleep with the same sex because they want to, they like it, it feels good – understanding that’s enough to justify your desires and deeds. You don’t have to have Jesus escort you into the room in-order to lend credibility to your sexual preferences. Nor was every Gay person eronously trapped in a hetrosexual exsistance – the misfit human who God  screwd-up and got ass-backward – making a Barbie doll on the inside and a GI Joe doll on the outside.


I think God, or whomever has got this people making business down to a science like Mattel makes Hot Wheels . . . .


But let’s not get sidetracked, whatever my particulars are on this issue – I think it’s time, honestly it’s been time to “allow” Gay people to come-out of the closet and into the sports locker room. And I find it interesting, logical and appropriate  it’s Black men carrying the banner of inclusion. I’d submit there’s something about being Black, our experience in a White man’s country which embodies some of us to rush the machine-gun nest, risk taking one in the chest . . . for all humankind.


We understand hard times and unjust, irrational persecution. We sing the Blues for damn good reasons.


I don’t think I’d be going out on a Grand Canyon cliff to say Black folk’s rough n’ tough life experiences, our facing individual/institution/organizational discrimination when we step-out of the womb –  make us better, if not the best-equipped to drag a dysfunctional American empire, which is kickin’, screamin’, clawing, resisting any real movement forward – into the new millennium. Drag these so-called United States well-beyond slavery and indentured servants, beyond economically exploiting the little people for maximum profit, beyond legal racial segregation,  class degradation, gender discrimination and beyond the humiliation and damnation of Gay people.


These two Black men are trying to help the American people bust-out-of L7, out of the conservative, tight-assed, hypocritical Protestant/Puritan mindset the WASP “Establishment” is steeped in.


Jason Collins and Michael Sam are two strong Black men, who I think are as-suited for the back-alley brawl as any. . . and they’re going to get a fight.


There’s a insulated and isolated slice of US society,  some might dub them enlightened, others tag them delusional, regardless these “goody-two-shoes”  simply don’t understand the barbaric machoism levels required to lace-up cleats in the NFL and a lesser degree the NBA.


I can’t even phantom when the NHL’s Viking-minded  sport allows pink-tights on the ice, Jesus will walk on water . . . again before I see it.


NFL locker Rooms are predominated and dominated by poor, mildly-educated, fatherless Black warrior/thugs . . . and sprinkled-with rowdy, rough n’ tuff middle-class White hooligans,  brutish ruffians who love huntin/fishin /drinkin’/fightin’ and women, in that order – whose father’s voted for Mitt Romney, and they “back” the Richie Incognitos in the lockerroom . . . these  big-cats, despite their color and stripes are going to, at best “say all the right things” about accepting a Gay player on their team, but no, they’re not going to “like” nor “embrace” it.


We’ve just got to be honest about this conversation; Gay people should be accepted and embraced – but to pretend everyone ought be wired to be Gay or Bi-sexual seems a desperate attempt to demand respect – and that demand exists.


Hang-on, put your seatbelts on n’ cellphones away . . .  A Guy admitting he’s bustin’ slop, tongue-kissing and licking another man’s . . . whatever, like it or not –  does not go over well with most men in any setting. Every man doesn’t deep-down inside desire another man. Yet somehow the male attitude towards Gay men shocks,  surprises and infuriates   . . . the enlightened.


This all seems kind of predictable to a degree.


This issue of  “how” our society classifies and treats Gay folks is extremely simple, yet highly complex and that summation ought be accepted. Right or wrong this debate about our civility  is “real,” its emotional and violated – it mustn’t be treated like barbershop checkers, this is world-class multi-tierd ‘Star Trek” Chess played in the Big Apple’s  Central Park my friend, the  board pieces explode.


How “civilized” is our civilization called America.


Yeah, this is going to be an interesting era in America’s national pastimes, ‘games” which merely mirror the  unstable US society and our clearly unsettled culture. “Who and what” it is to be a  All-American alpha-male gladiator is being challenged and redefined . . . by strong and smart Black men.


Go tell it on the mountain . . .!



  1. Michael Ingram

    February 25, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    excellent, brother.

  2. Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

    February 26, 2014 at 10:20 pm

    thanks from the disabled american community. you are on point AGAIN

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