Garcia wins in Mike Tyson Promoted Fight

Updated: February 8, 2014

In the opening bout of the ESPN Friday night fight, prospect Erickson Lubin fought veteran Roberto Acevedo.   Lubin, who had won his first two fights with first round knockouts, found himself in a possible unfamiliar ground; fighting a second round.  Lubin threw every punch with the idea of knocking out his opponent but Acevedo survived the round but lost a point for excessive holding.   And then Acevedo quit even though he hardly looked hurt.  (Acevedo complained about a sore left hand and stated he couldn’t continue.) So Lubin streak at three first round stoppage continued.

The undefeated Kamil Laszczyk faced Daniel Diaz, who was only 2-2-1 in his last fight.  Lasczyk started fast and pressured Diaz who was ineffectual in countering.    Laszcyk nailed Diaz with his right hand over the overly extended left jab.  Diaz attempted to establish a jab to establish some real estate between him and Laszczyk who continued to press the action in round two and round three.  Diaz managed to score on some uppercuts but when he scored, Laszczyk immediately countered with power shots of his own.

Diaz started to connect on solid right hands in the fourth round and even stunned Laszczyk. This slowed the Polish fighter down for the first time in the fight.  Diaz more accurate punching forestalled the pressuring tactics of Laszczyk and forced Laszczyk to retreat.  Diaz best round came as a small cut opened up over his left eye. In the fifth round, Laszczyk changed tactics and made adjustments but moving in for burst of pressure before retreating while jabbing his way out and his way in.


Throughout the sixth round, Laszczyk continued the tactics of the previous rounds but over the second half of the round, Diaz managed to time Laszczyk advances and landed some body shots plus overhand rights following his jab.   The seventh round repeated the pattern of the sixth round with Laszczyk dominating the first half of the rounds but Diaz timed Laszczyk charges and he landed three big right hands; causing Laszczyk to hold.

The eighth round belonged to Laszczyk as he went after Diaz from the inception of the round through the very end as he refused to allow Diaz to counter effectively.   Laszczyk won an easy unanimous decision. 

Roberto Garcia scheduled to fight Noberto Gonzalez in a Mike Tyson promoted fight.   Noberto  Gonzalez started out fast in the first round and boxed effectively as Garcia looked sluggish but Garcia did catch Gonzalez  with a left hook that sent Gonzalez into rope at the 2:59 mark.  Gonzalez continued to jab and move throughout the second but in the third round, Garcia started to connect more consistently on Gonzalez.  While Gonzalez won the first part of the round but Garcia managed to trap Gonzalez on the rope over the second half and finally connected on some solid shots.

Throughout the fourth and fifth round, Garcia pressured Gonzalez who started to slow down from his opening pace.   Garcia used rough tactics to move inside and pound Gonzalez who kept getting trapped on the rope.  Toward the end of the sixth round, Garcia showed signed of slowing down as he showing the effect of losing 14 pounds over the previous two weeks before the fight.  (He took the fight on short notice and struggled to make weight for the bout.) Garcia took the fight on short notice and the eighth round saw Garcia nailing Gonzalez with a solid left hook but his rough tactics cost Garcia a one point deduction.  

Throughout the ninth round, Garcia continued to pressure Gonzalez, who continued to box but started to reside on the rope which allowed Garcia to pound away.  Garcia launched one punch after another while Gonzalez countered with flurry of punches.    Garcia used his veteran wile to win a rough fight on a split decision as he used elbows, often out of sight of the referee, to set up shots while Gonzalez threw volume of punches but as the fight progressed, he found himself on the rope far too often.   This cost him the fight.

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