Celtics Fly By The Hawks Winning (115-104)

Updated: February 26, 2014

The Boston Celtics came into this game losing to the Utah Jazz in a terrible shooting performance and wanted to bounce back at home tonight. The C’s started off the game down by 18 in the first quarter and bounced back leading at the half 58-55. Jerryd Bayless scored 29 points in a game where he couldn’t miss it seemed like. Bayless was 2 points shy of his career high 31 points and was hitting the big shots down the stretch when asked of him. Every time it seemed like the Hawks were coming back the Celtics would clamp down on defense and stop the Hawks from doing anything. Rondo had a brilliant game with 22 points and 11 assists and made sure that the C’s were winning this one. Rondo was playing with passion and also with heart as he was going after every loose ball and was making the right pass time after time. Jeff Teague for the Hawks had a monster night with 26 points but couldn’t get his team over the hump in crunch time as he turned the ball over 2 times down the stretch.

Overall the Celtics came out with a lot of pride and played this game as a team with a great overall team effort. The Celtics will need that same effort for the Pacers who come in on saturday night. The Pacers are coming off of getting Evan Turner from the Sixers and are still number 1 in the Eastern Conference. The last time the Boston fans saw the Pacers it wasn’t a nice game as Celtics fell to them by close to 20 points. We will see how Rondo’s  impact will change the outcome of this game coming up.

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