Barack Obama and Russell Wilson . . . A Change Done Come America!

Updated: February 7, 2014

The sky is fallin . . . .


Up here, no up here . . .  at the base of the Majestic snow-capped Continental Divide,  in the Mile Hi Metropolis hearts . . . and lungs  are heavy. Heads are hung-low,  more than a few are hanging horse testicle-low. The Great White Hope himself, Peyton Manning, i.e., Captain America – the symbolic figurehead, spokesman and poster-boy for all that is true, good, decent, wholesome . . . White and culturally “All-American” was defeated in Super Bowl 48 by Russell Wilson . . . aghast, dare I write the mere words . . . a Black Quarterback.


Say it ain’t so baby Jesus! Say it ain’t so!


Couple this Black Quarterback with the Black Commander-in-Chief  . . . and you’ve got White hysteria gripping the nation. From Idaho to Muscle Shoals Alabama – for millions of “real Americans”  it’s the end of the make-believe White dominated world as they’ve know it to be all their lives. This is the doom n’ gloom, the darkening of America which  “mainstream USA” has been babbling about under their breath, fearing all my life.

The Seahawks do come home to Roost. . . .


Throw in Tiger Woods . .  despite his appetite for bimbos, Barbie dolls and snow bunnies he’s still a-top the country club pastime Negroes were once banned and barred from. The same can be said for Serena and the butt-kicking tour she’s on this season. The America of 1962 so many yearn for is gone, long gone.


A change has done come!


Please, lets not minimize what just did happend – Peyton Manning, along with Bronco icon  John Elway  . . . this dynamic duo went into the Big Apple last weekend and “represented” much more than simply the Denver Broncos. They embodied Yesteryear. Both symbolized “White Power” and White Alpha Male domination.  Manning was about to show the world what a White man could do – he was going to neutralize all the amazing animalistic-like physical skills of the West Coast gangsters and thugs lined-up on the other side of the pigskin by mechanically and robotically dismantling the defense with his computer-like brain and his nerves of titanium.


What did Mike Tyson say . . .”everyone’s got a plan . . . until they get hit in the mouth.”


Then as Richard Sherman has pointed-out about he and his forest-green clad amigos “we’re not just three All-Pro players. We’re three All-Pro minds. Now, if Peyton had thrown in some double moves, if he had gone out of character, we could’ve been exposed.” I’d bluntly submit Elway and the good ol’ boys underestimated their “straight outta Compton” foes ability to think, to improvise, adapt and ultimately overcome . . . dissect and intercept virtually  everything Manning threw at them.


Didn’t General Custer and the 7th Calvary  too underestimate Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull at The Little Big Horn?


Let’s talk square-business here; A royal brainy Blue-Blood barbarian is what Manning constitutes, while John Elway was the best version of a Black QB which America could come up with in 1986  . . . if I recall, and I do, in sportsbars across the country the sentiment was Elway  was like a brother . . . with a White guy’s brain. Really, seriously this was the insulting mindset of sportsfans in this country a quarter-century ago, and I’d argue,  all day n’ all night – the mindset hasn’t changed  too-very much.


Any change I see in this country is happening despite the kickin’ n’ screamin’ spoiled brat tantrum of White guys.


Elway and Manning represent some of the best Signal Callers of what will come to be known as  “the pre-mobile Quarterback era” in the NFL. The NFL Quarterback position is about to “go Black.”  The end of Fantasy Football has arrived. The end of the fake, fabricated and completely orchestrated artificial, make-believe monopoly White men have had on the most prestigious and enviable position in US pop-culture is officially over.


The fix is over, the gig is up, end of the tall-tale.


A change done come, in the name of Russell Wilson. From now on tell


Manning/Elway, Tom Brady are the equivalent  of Alan Ameche and Jim Taylor – the last two White running backs to lead the NFL in Rushing. . . since the NFL stopped discriminating and excluding Blacks from playing the position – we’ve redefined who n’ what a Running Back is. And now the Black man is about to redefine and reshape the definition of an NFL Field General. You may not see a immobile statue type White QB  . ..  ever again.


What does that say about fair competition and the “best man’ winning?


You tie these two occurrences together – a Black President and a Black Super Bowl champion Quarterback . ..  it’ll be no surprise the Conservative (racist/sexist/elitist) historians and legions of sportsfans who also follow Rush, Ted Nugent and ted Cruise will forever refer to these years as the dark ages . . . !


However before we roll n’ stroll right on bye the beginning of the end – can I tell it like it is? Like it really, really is, or rather was: this monumental day was held-off and put-off as long as it could be. The list is long and tear-ridden with busted dreams. From Tony Dungy and Joe Jefferson Street Gilliam to Fritz Pollard and Marlin Briscoe  – Black quarterbacks were forbidden from playing the position because the White caretakers of the game feared the rise of the Russell Wilsons and Colin Kaepernick and the social impact of White guys losing the designation as “Superman.”


Superman today looks a lot like Cam Newton and not much like Matt Hasselbeck, David Carr or Rex Grossman, no?

I’m sorry but we can’t close the chapter on a crime more-than worthy of an asterisk hanging over the entire segregation era and its alleged heroes and supposed icons. The Great White Field General is as contrived and made-up as the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy . . . . The Drew Bledsoes’, perhaps even Johnny U and Otto Graham would have faded-into obscurity along with the Great White Heavyweight Boxing champ and Track n’ Field studs . . if it weren’t for designing and limiting the game to favor the tin-man as the optimal quarterback.


This fictional chapter couldn’t have occurred without the deliberate discrimination and strategic exclusion of the Black athlete from playing the position and lest anyone forget the criminal here is the entrenched like a Rocky Mountain Tick White Establishment.


I go to the movie and I go downtown

Somebody keep telling me, “Don’t hang around”

It’s been a long, a long time coming

But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

Then I go to my brother

And I say, “Brother, help me please”

But he winds up knockin’ me

Back down on my knees


It’s been a long, a long time coming

But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will



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