Algieri Wins Crucial Bout

Updated: February 15, 2014

Chris Algieri, the hometown hero, faced his toughest test against Emmanuel Taylor who had only one loss and most recent defeated veteran Vincent Cayo.   The opening three minutes saw very little action as both used the round the feel the other out while they threw occasional punches.  The testing period saw Algieri nail Taylor with a left to the head and followed by a left to the body for the best combination of the round.


In the second round, Taylor put his earmuff on as ESPN Ted Atlas described a boxer puts his gloves up in front of his face and Algieri nailed him with combinations that scored nearly half of the time.   Algieri continued to outwork Taylor throughout the third round as Ted Atlas quipped, “Taylor has yet to leave the dressing room.”  Taylor started to fight harder in the fourth round as he tried to catch Algieri coming in.  Taylor pressured Algieri as he finally sustained an attack but halfway, Algieri fought back as he nailed Taylor with his own combination in a round that looked even.  Both men exchanged blows and momentum as when one went on the defensive, the other took advantage and went on offense. 

The sixth round was a close round but as Ted Atlas observed, when Algieri landed, the crowd erupted and this could influence the fight.  This continued into the seventh round but Algieri did manage to land an upper cut that sent Taylor head bouncing up.   Algieri boxing allowed him to control the real estate between the two fighters at key junctions of the fight.

Algieri used his left effectively throughout the eighth round as he jabbed effectively and occasionally used a left hook to the body while Taylor did very little but chased Algieri.   Algieri continued to jab and move while Taylor did very little to counter and may have given this round like he did the eighth.  Taylor began the tenth and final round by being aggressive as he connected with quick combinations while Algieri tried to stem the tide against the aggressive Taylor.   The second half of the round saw Algieri using his left jab attempting to neutralize Taylor who once again played defensive when he needed to go for a knock out.

Algieri won an easy unanimous decision as two judges had it 97-93 and one had it 98-92; this reflected what happen in the ring.  Algieri victory came because he outworked Taylor and used his jab effectively the whole fight to mesmerize Taylor who never seemed to sustain an offense and when he did manage to sustain an offense for brief moments, the Algieri jab stopped the momentum.

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