Super Bowl 48: Yesteryear’s White Quarterback Versus Tomorrow’s Black Quarterback

Updated: January 20, 2014

Well, well, well, this upcoming Super Bowl will match “Black” against “White,” good against evil . . . a well-educated, well-spoken hard-working gangster and street-thug villain Russell Wilson – against “our hero” Captain America, Peyton Manning.


Straight-outta Compton . . . and Stanford, with a Masters Degree Richard Sherman, along with his cocky Black Seahawk gangsters against the Great White Hopes riding in on giant White stallions – Elway, Manning, Welker, Decker ….. and their well-trained, kept on a short-chain Black teammates – good negroes who are trained to only speak when spoken-to, only growl, bark n’ bite when instructed-to. Don’t get it twisted nor misconstrued any other way amigos but that way . . .


Nevertheless, this Super Bowl will be all about the two vastly ‘different” quarterbacks.


Now granted the sports-press will paint this contest as one between a traditional, old school cerebral gridiron surgeon – pitted against a dual-threat, mobile, athletic “New Age Quarterback.” We all know it’s much, much more complicated that that – it’s Black against White. And in America it don’t get much more complex n’ combustible than that.


“New Age Quarterbacks . . . .”  That tag-line makes me both chuckle and grimmince when I hear it employed by sportswriters and fans . . . honestly I laugh my ass off and vomit, because it’s such a misleading, water-down, white-washed interpretation of the transformation we’re in the midst of witnessing at the professional Quarterback position . . . . Keyword here – “White-Washed” and all that term implies in these so-called United States of America.


New age . . . It’s casual however deliberate usage is like someone urinating down your back, but insisting it’s raining . . . .


“Athletic” and “mobile” – of course those adjectives begin to describe Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, RGIII, EJ Manuel and the rest of the Moon’s 11, those Afro-American Quarterbacks who follow in the footsteps of  Cantonized Warren Moon – the Flight Commander who advises these Ebony airmen who dare to man the most prestigious position in US Culture.


But what most defines these Black Field Generals  – skin color.


Here, let’s stroll down Straight, No Chaser Blvd. . . , Black men were denied, refused and excluded from playing Quarterback in the NFL. And let’s all agree upon this; the almost century old embargo and blockade was not orchestrated by “aliens.” No, it was, and remains still today White men who strive-to keep the Black man in his assigned inferior place. And being a NFL QB, head coach or team owner  is not a place where most White folks believe a Black man belongs in.


Ask former NFL country Club aristocrat  and current Tex-ass jackass Red McCombs about a Black man’s place. The good ole multi-gazillionaire believes the University Of Texas, by hiring Charles Strong as their Head Coach,  hired a “boy” who’s only capable of being a position coach . . . .C’mon man, that insult, along with Houston’s plantation owner Bob McNair who wants to draft the “athletic” Jadeveon Clowney and tether him to JJ  Watts – the smart, hard working White man. . .it’s this good ole cave man mentality which remains pervasive and entrenched within the NFL. and America.


We all now know “Red” is short for Redneck.


Oh my God, good lord Jesus “flippin”Christ! Mary sweet-mother of baby Jesus . . . how can the sportsworld paint anything but a jett-Black and snow-White picture of race relations within the game of football over the last century?

Look, it’s no secret a Black man was deemed incapable of being an NFL Quarterback by most White folks . . . why do we have to lie about that? My question is “ when did they change their collective minds . . . 1977? 1989? 1999? 2007? Maybe last week, yesterday?”


Sidebar; check out ESPN’s documentary on Paul “Bear” Bryant’s Crimson Tide racial awakening, the recounting of Ol Dixie’s slap in the face/kick in the britches  at the hands of John McKay’s “integrated” Trojans of USC. Talk about “straight out of South Central . . . .The entire state of Alabama understood they couldn’t compete against them Black boys with nothing but White boys.


The same damn lesson is about to be given to those NFL owners who’ll have to have their knuckle-draggin’ behinds dragged, kick’in, screamin n’ crying tears into Braxton Miller’s 21st century.


You won’t be able to place an anchored to the turf stature of a man – on a field dominated and predominated with “athletes.” Today’s average, everyday White guy Quarterback is becoming, out of fashion overnight – obsolete, outdated and useless. Only true athletes cut in the mold of Roger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton and Steve Young will be able to strap on a helmet.


The Great White Pigskin Hunter, that  entire legacy and claim-to sports immortality will forever be painted n’ tainted. The defenders and promoters of the White Quarterback cheated because they shaped, molded and crafted the pro QB position to be one a Black man wasn’t qualified nor equipped to play. They promoted propaganda which said the Black man lacked brains, heart and guts to be professional quarterbacks – and their lies were detrimental to the societal progress of Blacks. Not very different than not allowing Black policemen, soldiers, doctors, boxers and Presidents. Forbidding the creation of role models and heroes for Black people.


The keepers of this fake fireplace fire can’t deny the best athletes were prohibited from playing Quarterback by White men who knew and feared the skills and tools of a Black Field General.


Despite living in the Mile Hi City, and being a Peyton Manning fan . . . as a Black man in a nation which has the history we have, and the NFL having its own convoluted story, as well as the “anti Black” feel and flavor towards Black Americans, the hate for Obama, the support of George Zimmerman . . . I’ll be rooting for Russell Wilson . . . just like Black folks cheered for Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Sugar n’ Ali when they fought a White man . . . because its obvious America, White America hasn’t changed too much, and the progress I hale . . . was achieved with most White folks kickin’, screamin, having to be dragged out of 1947 and pushed into 2014.


  1. Mary

    January 22, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    U are so fucking ignorant and you call yourself a writer lol white vs blacks that’s all ya niggas talk and brag about always talk about the white master blah blah blah that’s why people including myself look down on ya niggas can’t have respect and can’t take ya niggas seriously. You need to grow the fuck up and move on we don’t live back in the slave days I know most of ya feel that way but like I said it’s time to move on. You ain’t no fucking writer your just some other nigga talking shit in this bullshit website! Instead of hating on white people or “red necks” why don’t you try learning seething from them after all they’re the ones who sign ur checks nigga!!!

    • Desi Cortez

      January 26, 2014 at 7:51 pm

      wow . . how fucking ignorant are you my friend . . . please keep writing and expressing your ignorance – I can’t do a better job than you in illustrating what a racist Redneck is.


  2. fdc

    January 23, 2014 at 9:48 am

    To “Mary”, we learned plenty…it’s called “HIStory”.

    • Mary

      January 23, 2014 at 11:54 pm

      To “fdc” look up the word “history” all the events that happened in the past
      a turning point in human history “PAST” meaning past tense not present or future like I said that’s why people of all race and ethnicity look down on blacks cause ya stay in the past it time to move on and stop making everything about black and white and why the white man can do this or do that and the black man can’t. Expecting everyone to feel sorry and have pity on ya pity ain’t gonna get u anywhere.

  3. Jojo

    January 26, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    I am rooting for the Seahawks very hard. I too see the Super Bowl as black versus white. But instead of Russell Wilson replace the black contender with Richard Sherman. The vitrol sherman has had to endure is appalling. He is obviously no thug (white code for: nigger) because he is maintained his cool the last several days, When I’m sure he feels like going off. And now plantation master Roger Godell on friday jan 24th, brings Shermans family into it??!!! How disrespectful is that!

    Bill Parcells is Cowboys coach refers to his star player as she in a interview several times. Brady chases down a ref cussing after a call didn’t go his way at end of game. Belicheck calls Welker a dirty player intentionally out to maim another player. Last year Clay Matthews Junior flips off the sideline after a sack. None of these actions warranted a fine from the commissioner. But sherman calling his arch nemesis who has been feuding with for several years “mediocre”, is a thug and finned For unsportsmanlike conduct. But lets be fair- THAT WAS SPORTSMANSHIP… Dominating your opposition and ridiculing your nemesis is fair, both in love and war.

    • Desi Cortez

      January 26, 2014 at 7:48 pm

      Damn good points . . . wished I’d said some of that

  4. Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

    January 27, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Mary what about the present 1) there are 30 teams in the National Football League 2) there are only seven African American starting quarterbacks THAT’S NOT HISTORY, FACT …. 3) each team carries 3 quarterbacks NOT HISTORY, FACT 4) that means there are over 90 quarterbacks in the National Football League, NOT HISTORY, FACT
    so Mary you are telling me only seven can start REALLY? This just continues the myth that African Americans cant lead while General Russell Wilson leads the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl… When will this nonsense stop

  5. Carol

    February 2, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    “Mary” go back to your friends at Duck Dynasty.
    43 to 8 so far! 6 min left

  6. Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

    February 3, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    The Seattle Seahawks and Field General Russell Wilson proved to the world the NFL will be moving into the future

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