Thank You Richard Sherman For Exposing Redneck Hatred . . . .

Updated: January 22, 2014

Thank you Richard Sherman.


Thanks to the Seattle Seahawk’s  Mr. Sherman Black Americans have yet-another infer-redneck  “snapshot” of the blind White hatred which percolates right beneath the surface of this nation. All it takes is a Black man to say or do something deemed controversial, debatable or inappropriate and the “gangster/thug/criminal/monkey/animal . . . Nigger” comments begin to pour-out like hot lava from a dormant volcano .

The 2013 NFC Championship Post Game going-ons will go down in history as an eye-opening event hopefully for Black people.

And ponder this point – all the White backlash hatred we hear has nothing to do with love nor respect for the 49er’s Michael Crabtree – it’s simply because Sherman was angry, and we all know White America only tolerates Black folks who are Joe Louis like mild mannered and docile, attacking only when we’re instructed to do so by some White guy.


Far too-many ignorant of the past Black folks have long forgotten that this nation demanded Black folks be seldom seen and hardly ever heard. We had an assigned seat in the back . . . and that’s how most white folks preferred it.


When, as a Black man I meander through the hate-packed thoughts which predominant far-too many sportsfans mind-droppings – it’s clear how grown men demanded little ol’ Black ladies give up their seats on busses and trains for them. It’s easy to envision how my father grew up in a land where he was not suppose to ever “look a White person in the eye,”  and “never raise his voice” when addressing a White person.


You get how Emmitt Till was executed in the deep woods for whistling at a White woman.


You understand how there were no Black quarterbacks, coaches, cheerleaders, pilots, bankers, astronants and submarine captains until White America felt the world was watching and they’d no choice but to let us drink out of the same water fountain, eat in a diner or shop in the same store as White folks.


As we today witness the blind-hatred for President Obama . . . his wife and children – there’s no argument most of White America has been “forced and coerced” to treat Blacks, and most Americans of color with decency and respect. There’s no question most angry White sportsfans  have had to be dragged, kickin’ n’ screamin into the 20th century,


Can you imagine what most White folks yearn to say to Black people, what they want to “Do” to us if they could?


Had OJ killed that White women 10 years earlier the mob may have dragged him out of his Brentwood home and hung him on a tree in his own yard, then burned his body, and that of his children . . . and then had a celebratory “picnic to commemorate the event, and you know I’m telling the truth – history bares all these barbaric-type actions out.


!963, the fans may have lynched Richard Sherman for yelling at that White lady . . . .


It must be extremely difficult for the vast majority of White people in these so-called United States of America to go-around pretending to believe Black folks are  . . . human, let-alone equal.


Last week the sports page message boards were all abuzz with White people degrading and insulting Florida State Field General Jameis Winston for his down home Gomer Pyle type verbiage, while today they’re calling a Stanford Grad student a dumbass jock and a gang member.


Last year it was the thugarazation of Trayvon Martin and the exoneration of the man-cub’s murderer –  a very violent George Zimmerman


The only good Negro must be a dead negro . . . “ or a Black Uncle Tom sellout like Judge Clarence Thomas or TEA Party Minstrel Herman Cain.


Once more, thank you Richard Sherman for helping us all see how millions of White Americans have not changed their spots, they still have the White robes and hoods hanging in the front closet, ready n’ waiting for Rush Limbaugh to put up the “OPEN SEASON ON NEDROES” signs so they can put us back in our inferior places. . . .


Richard Sherman defied all the odds and all the Man made obstacles and hurdles which were deliberately placed in his path, strategically laid out and designed to keep Black folks like Sherman in his assigned inferior place.  Son, keep on keepin on, don’t let these two-faced  racist bastards turn you round!



  1. Tonya P.

    January 24, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Desi you are amazing….keep bringing the heat! You need a radio show!


    January 25, 2014 at 1:46 am


  3. W Starks

    January 28, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    Thanks Mr Cortez brilliant article . Richard Sherman is intelligent and articulate , he makes sense .Racism is alive and well. He is speaking the truth. Racism prevails on a daily bases. Sherman exposes hypocrisy that is ingrained in our society .Your article is excellent ,You discussed so many vital points.We must speak out against injustices to make American a great country it can be. Richard Sherman a win could make an even stronger statement

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