Peterson Defends Title and Charlo takes a Step Forward!

Updated: January 26, 2014

Jermell Charlo challenged Gabe Rosado as Charlo took a big step forward in his career.  The first round saw Rosado start fast as he attempted to initimadate the less experienced Charlo.  This lasted for thirty second before both fighters settled into a more subdued pace.  Charlo managed to connect to two scoring combinations while Rosado managed to connect with a couple of upper cuts and one overhead right.

Rosado over the third round started to close the distance with his pressure as he used his jab to set up his right hand which landed but Charlo countered effectively with his left hook and right hand.  Charlo used his jab to set up his countered while Rosado did not effectively cut off the ring and allowed Charlo to escape.   While Rosado managed to trap Charlo in the corner for the close to third seconds near the end of the fifth round, Charlo ended the round with a sharp left hook.   Throughout the fourth and fifth round, Charlo continued to countered effectively as he connected on nearly triple of the punches as Rosado at the half way mark of the bout. 

Rosado quit jabbing starting the third round as he failed to delivered any effective body shots to slow Charlo down,   At the end of the fifth round, Rosado left eye opened up from a possible head butt according to Showtime replay but the referee did not do declare it as an accidental head butt. 

Charlo continued to box effectively  and busting Rosado’s face but Rosado managed a effective offense at the end of the seventh round.  As Showtime Al Bernstein noted, Rosado goal was to throw punches in bunches but by the end of the seventh round, his output was not much different from Charlo but Charlo was the more accurate punches.


Rosado cornered Charlo near the end of the eighth round as he showed efficacy by landing three great left hooks and two big rights.  Charlo ended the round with a left hook that sent sweating spraying from Rosado but this was Rosado round with his last thirty seconds of activity.

Rosado desperation showed up in the last minute of the ninth round as he went for broke but he got nailed with effective counters and in the last ten seconds, Rosado threw four big haymakers but Charlo simply moved out of the way.   Charlo used the tenth round to highlight his boxing skills as he moved effectively and countered with his right hand and left hook.  Rosado continued to pursue Charlo but he could not corner Charlo.  Charlo connected on more punches than Rosado by wide margins every round and won an easy decision.

In the second bout saw Lamont Peterson fighting the undefeated Dierry Jean as he seeks to get his career back on track after losing to Lucas Mathysse.    The first round was a feeling around round in which nothing much happened.  Jean connected with some solid combinations at the end of the second round as Peterson retreated throughout the last minute.  Throughout the third  round, Peterson saw a home for his left hook as he landed it consistently whereas Jean was able to nail Peterson with his right.  Both fighters were involved in firefight on two different occasions within the round.


In the fifth round, Peterson found a home with left hook as he pushed Jean back throughout the fifth round with left hooks after left hooks, to body and head.  Throughout the round, Jean retreated and gave the round to Peterson.  Peterson continued to pressure Jean throughout the sixth round as he walked Jean down.  Peterson had the advantage in most of the seventh round as he pressured Jean but Jean had a good last thirty seconds,  Jean continued the momentum iin the eighth round as he used his right hand and left jabs to win the round.  The ninth round was close as Peterson won much of the first half with his left hook and body shots but Jean did manage to land combinations over the second half of the round.  Peterson dominated the tenth round and the eleventh round with his body shots and left hook followed by right hands.  

Peterson came out in the twelfth round with the same aggressiveness as he did over the previous two rounds as he moved inside and pounded left hooks to the body and head Jean did not do enough when contrasted to what Peterson.   Peterson connected on 100 more punches than Jean and he was the busy fighter.  Jean acquitted himself well but he did not do enough to win the fight.   Peterson showed more versatility as he both boxed and then pressured Jean with a mixture of punches like the straight right, left hooks and upper cuts. 

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