The NFL Quarterback: A Change Is A’Comin’ . . . .

Updated: January 14, 2014

There’re millions-upon-millions of sports-fans moping-around, in an deepening angry Redneck-funk, acting as if, well as if the sky is falling, as if it’s the end of the world . . . merely because Superman and Captain America are no longer White guys. . .  for not much longer Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.


No, instead the 21st century version of the America’s  Alpha-male is a Black man – be it  President Obama or the NFL Play-Caller . . . the “man” is a Black man. Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, EJ Manuel, Jameis Winston, Braxton Miller . . . .


Good Lord, God help us all.


This traumatic transformation of US culture will be head-splitting  for “Real Americans” to endure. It’s obvious having a Black man as President/neighbor/brother-in-law is driving roughly 75% of White Americans stone-sir crazy.


This 2013 season’s New York New York (so nice they named it twice)  Super Bowl will have a Black Quarterback in it. The NFC Championship game is between two Black field generals – that “changing of the guard“  is, according to millions . . . of White folks – simply not possible. Just as there’s not suppose to be Black pilots, astronauts submarine captains . . . you name it and according to you-know-who  Black people can’t do it based on a lack of intelligence, character and maturity.


Can we today admit – having a Black man “man” this prominent pigskin position, possibly the most prestigious occupation in all-of US pop-culture – is supposedly, allegedly an enormous improbability . . .  according to the White male  establishment – which has maintained an immoral, unethical, racist stranglehold on the position by any, any  diabolical meas required.


Sports history is refuse with tragic examples of Black men who had all the tools n’ skills needed to be NFL quarterbacks . . . “oh my god” role models  –  however paranoid, insecure small-penised, weak-minded White guys did all they could to reject, redirect and turn-away the Black QB, who’s IQ they claimed was as low as our ebony knuckles which dragged the green grass of Lambeau  Field . . . . We lacked not just brains, but an heart, and a back-bone . . . according to, of everyone in the room . . . White guys, the cat who’s pimped/played exploited and damn near exterminated most people-of-color. . . .


Unbelievable is their claim of neutrality and innocence!


Can I get an objection to that fact from a card-carrying Republican TEA Party sportsfan?


This is the topic which WASP sports writers and pundits punt on, they don’t want to discuss let-alone defend their deeds. The good ol’ boys at ESPN/Yahoo/SI guys refuse, refuse I say to have – they don’t have the brains, heart, backbone nor balls to face the facts and their Black accusers . . . like me.

I’m screaming at cha’ Mr Keith Olbermann, you’re on of a Hobbits handful of  good White men . . . I’d relish the opportunity to dissect, define and hopefully disarm this powder-keg with you.


But honestly, can the White men’s  “manipulation” of the game debatable?


Who can deny the fake, artificial, make-believe monopoly they  hold on arguably the most symbolic n’ significant  role-model slot  in our society was manufactured by banning the most able competitors from competing?


And you ask ”what is the  White man’s fear . . .?”  Can I tell the you the  truth? I say “can I tell the truth?” They fear Black mandingos will garner the glory  . . . and the White  girl.


Sorry, I know the truth hurts, but that’s the “crux” of the  truth – Black men were kept down, in-order to keep White men up, in a position they didn’t earn nor deserve, in order to continue the “Great White Hunter “ myth.


Stop me if I’m lying . . .!


The only reason we’ve had only two Black Signals-Callers play in the Super Bowl . . . because White men have done all they could to exclude the Black QB, not because we don’t possess  the abilities, but because we are Black.


Matter-of-factly I’d insist the hallowed halls of fame in Canton O-H-I-O would be void of Quarterbacks  like YA Title, Slingin’ Sammy and Johnny U if Black men had been permitted to play the position. One or two of these gentlemen would have been either beaten-out for their own place on the team, or beaten, defeated in playoff or championship games by a Black QB . . . thus no “legacy “ would’ve been fabricated


Because isn’t that exactly what was done to scores of Black gladiators over the last 100 years of the game?


As I’ve argued for a years now- there ought be an “asterisk” placed next to the White men in Canton who played in the “segregated era” when Blacks were not allowed to participate, forget hold the Golden Boy slot of Quarterback.


Those who wish to forget, to minimize, rationalize,and justify racial discrimination do an injustice to Afro-American Field Generals denied the opportunity – men who were forced to jump through the fire-ringed hoops weak, insecure, racist White men constructed and maintained to keep them down n’ out.

Don’t call me bitter, angry nor mad . . . just admit I’m telling the burning-bush truth, and yes, of course some of us can’t handle it straight, with no chaser.


You’ve got to marvel at the hypocrisy and duplicity of this sportsnation.


The next few years are going to be hard, very hard for Rednecks. Their well-crafted iconic  cultural myths are being  obliterated as we speak, i.e., US President and NFL Signal Caller – the cultural battle is being won, and it isn’t angry White guys winning. The White guy fantasy is ending.


Thank the Gods.


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