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Updated: January 17, 2014

NORTH CAROLINA -(BASN)-1. In 2013, two college football head coaches made at least $5 million a year-and both had won a national championship.

2. Penn State new coach James Franklin who is scheduled to make $4 million plus a $300,000 bonus in 2014, which is $1 million more than Bill O’Brien made in 2013 before he left for the NFL’s Houston Texans.

3. Jackie Robinson’s 1947 Rookie of the Year Award was auctioned for $401,968.

4. StubHub is selling tickets for the NFL title game for $395 to $22,000 while tickets for the AFC game were sold at $284 to $9,000.

5. The Belmont Stakes will be worth $1.5 million next year, the first purse increase for the final leg of the horse racing’s Triple Crown since 1998.

6. NY Giants Hakeem Nicks has been offered $88,000 to change his name to

7. NY Knicks JR Smith was fined $50,000 for untying opponent’s sneakers while they are standing at the shooting free throw line.

8. Former SF long snapper said Panthers’ Cam Newton owes him $25,000 for his poor performance PRO BOWL in 2011.

9. Former NY Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury made roughly $90 million during his NBA career.

10. For $9.99 a month with a six month commitment on your Deskstop, laptops, Xbox 360, Roka, SMART TV, you can get 24/7 live screaming channel WWE.

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