Melo Lights up Cats on Broadway

Updated: January 25, 2014

Sets new scoring mark of 62 at MSG

NEW YORK – It wasn’t the musical play, “Cats”, the second longest running show on Broadway; (produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber), but it may as well been. Carmelo Anthony’s performance against the Charlotte Bobcats was nothing short of magical, astounding, awe inspiring and award nominee worthy. Carmelo in guiding the New York Knicks to a 125-96 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats, with a franchise and Madison Square Garden record setting 62 points, the team was able to snap a 5-game losing streak.

According to many of his teammates, particularly JR Smith who said, “He just seemed a lot more focused and driven today. He wasn’t smiling and joking around during the warm ups like he usually does; it was all business.” A few of his teammates had even asked him if he was okay, that’s how intense he looked. There was a lot wrong: Like the losing streak, the three straight losses to begin an eight-game homestand and all the talk about the Knicks starting to turn on head coach Mike Woodson. There was also talk of whether the Knicks would be better off without Carmelo’s huge contract.

Smith also mentioned that he remembers that look and knows when he gets it usually the opposing team is in trouble.
“It was jaw-dropping,” forward Iman Shumpert said. “We didn’t know what to do, just get your popcorn and watch.”

Carmelo was truly shades of Jordan, Kobe, especially when he light up the Garden like a Christmas tree in 2009 for 61 points. And of course his all-time favorite player, the recently inducted Hall of famer, Brooklyn born and bred, Bernard King; Camelo was just that good. Said Carmelo after the game; “I know Bernard King is somewhere smiling at me right now.”

Back in the not too distant past most would attached the word, lowly just before introducing the Bobcats as a victim of someone’s high scoring achievement and or victory. But the Knicks couldn’t afford to say that as the team owned by Michael Jordan has a better record than the Knicks at, 19-26 and the Knicks are 16-27. Knick legend and Hall-of-Famer, Pat Ewing reportedly said: “You see people with nights like that and tonight was just his night.”
“Everything that he shot looked like it was going to go in. He had a great game. We tried to double him, get the ball out of his hands. He was hot.”

Amid the growing adversity, Carmelo found inspiration in the words of Ali.
“It was one of his speeches about greatness,” center Tyson Chandler said. “He said, ‘I’m going to show you that I’m great.’ Everybody was against him. Obviously, Melo took it to heart.”

Anthony took it to heart and to the court. “Hearing the words of Muhammad and then getting out there making those first couple shots, I felt like it was going to be a good night,” Carmelo said.

Could this victory by the Knicks at home, which hasn’t exactly been a haven for them, be the start of something big and positive? As Carmelo said, “time will tell. This is only one game; this one is over now on to the next one.”

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