Knicks 2014 Resolutions? Defense and Rebounding

Updated: January 1, 2014




Knicks’ New Year’s Resolutions Should Be Defense and Rebounding
By Jerald L. Hoover


NEW YORK (BASN): As 2014 strolls onto mid-court, this past year couldn’t end soon enough for the New York Knickerbockers.


It was apparent that Santa didn’t bring the beleaguered Knicks a Christmas present as they were bloodied and bruised on national television at home by the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Aside from being beset by inconsistent play, the injury bug and trade rumors did a number to the Boys on 34th Street. But perhaps the New Year might bring about a change. Perhaps there will be more attention paid to rebounding and solid defense. And this defense should be an improvement in man-to-man defense as well as team defense.


Better effort and even greater results in rebounding. Getting shellacked on the boards 56-29 by the Marc Gasol – less Memphis Grizzlies at home is a crying shame. That should never happen again.


Better late game execution is something that the New Year should bring to the Knicks. Making mental and unfocused basketball plays that cost games should become a Ghost of 2013 Past.
Sure the season is well underway and they’re all types of injuries and surprises in the NBA, but the Knicks have to find their way. They cannot become the laughingstock (as Carmelo Anthony put it several weeks ago) of the NBA. They cannot continue to lose badly on their home court.


Opposing teams make Madison Square Garden their own personal showcase. Home pride has to ooze out of them as if their basketball life depended on it. Why? Because in some cases; with some players it, their basketball life will depend on it.


The Knicks also need to come to a resolution as to whether or not they will blow up the team or stand pat at least until the summer when Carmelo can either sign for 130 million big ones or walk away or get traded away. Or what type of style they’re going to play.


Coach Mike Woodson has to stop, “trying to figure things out,” and know exactly what he wants to instill. Also, far too much overshadowing and undercurrent chit-chat is too unsettling for team harmony. But, that’s the beast of New York sports in general.


Yes you’re dealing with professionals that make tons of money but in the final analysis, they’re still human beings. But also as highly paid professionals, better and great effort should be at the forefront of 2014 and beyond.



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