Jameis Winston Is The Voice Of A Multi-Tongued America . . . .

Updated: January 9, 2014

“Am I listening to English?”


Dee Dee Bonner McCarron,  mother of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron failed to understand what Florida State University Quarterback Jameis Winston said in the Post Rose Bowl game interviews  . . . her confusion and dumbfoundment led McCarron, to ask in a tweet  “Am I listening to English?”


That started the national fireworks which have continued to explode all week.


Despite trying to retract and erase her unfiltered thoughts the issue soon turned to  “this women is a racist . . . “


Without question, considering the critical elements of the story  – poor Black kids receiving all the accolades and notoriety while wealthy White kids (her mancub) don’t  have the alpha-male skills to win it all. With that noted; Yes, of course there are hints of racism in her Tweet, and right along with the racially derogatory comment is her elitist Southern Belle perspective


I know, I know, if you know the McCarrons family  . . . some of their “best friends “ are Negroes.


Nevertheless, as much as it is racist . . . AJ’s mommas  mentality brings to life the arrogance and elitist attitude which most-accurately describes White America.  A segment of US society oblivious to the educational and economic disparities between Black and White, indifferent to the gaps between wealthy and the working poor – disconnected from the “impact” derived from a lack-of wide-ranging in-life experiences. Somehow, someway this slice of the pie remains nonchalant and apathetic to the obvious glaring discrepancies.

 Who can deny the privilege bestowed upon some and the burdens placed upon the backs of others. This is no more glaring and visible than in the Land of Cotton.


Winston sounded like a mixture of the Beverly Hillbillies Jethro Bodine and a very young Andy Griffith from  Mayberry RFD . . . . the kid is from Hueytown Alabama . . .

He might as well hale from Buggtussel, Hooterville or Petticoat Junction . . . .


Yet, here’s where the contradictions commence; The same people demeaning Winston and his teammates, love them some Honey Boo Boo, Paula Deen, Moonshiners and the Duck Dynasty folks. They find these “sages’ both entertaining and get this . . . insightful. These banjo pluckin’ good ol boys n’ gals popularity has already earned them millions, and they’re considered just   plain ole plain-speaking folks, the salt of the earth, real people.


There’s a place for Redneck culture in the US.


Isn’t it odd how White America, the separate, isolated, insulated mindset that it is . . . Loves the Sopranos, the New Jersey whoever’s . . . as long as they’re Italian gangsters or Russians Rogues. . . the hypocritical and duplicitous smell n’ feel of this is nauseating . . . makes you want to throw up . . . both your hands and dinner.




Winston and the fellas don’t slice/dice n’ butcher the American English language any more than their fellow backwoods, backwater Southerners.  However, not surprisingly, whites have associated “Black English” with a lack of intelligence. Nonetheless a down home good ole boy sounding George W. Bush can be elected president, and that boy is as ‘sharp” as a bowling ball . . . .


Scores of Southerners, black, white, and in between, have the same speech patterns and syntax. Define it as  “country grammar,” a regional dialect of English., a blending of different tongues all rolled into one. It seems what matters most is what color is the person behind the colorful conflicted words.


In observing the fallout of Bonner McCarron’sTweet – there’s an overall disdain and distaste for Black folks amongst White folks; and our horrific experience here in America reinforces that dislike for Black folks.. What was done to us,, what’s being done to us today, can only come from people who basically hate you.


We can do no right.  The treatment of not Winston, but rather President Obama underscores this point.

Stop me if I’m wrong here, but gee, for Obama., despite his academic credentials, notable and noble occupations as a lawyer, husband, college professor, father, congressman and now President . . . . he has virtually no-credibility, garners little respect from White America . . .  dramatically and traumatically illustrating, in highly defined Black n’ White  – there’s little to nothing Black folks can do to satisfy or appease these people . . .  but drop dead.


The Republican TEA Party, i.e, the clear majority Party of White America onus  ought be “ the only good Negro is a dead Negro,”  you know, the same mentality held towards the American Indian . . . . “the only good Indian is a dead Indian . ..”  gee, if nothing else White folks are consistent in their contempt, disgust, displeasure and hate of . . . all others.


The question here is honestly “who n’ what” is responsible for how these young people speak and communicate?  Might it possibly be young Black kids represent, in their entirety – the culmination of the Black experience: bondage, Jim Crow, Black Codes, “separate n’ unequal” everything, institutional/organizational and individual racism and classism – they’re the 21st century product of what we’ve endured – they reflect the  3rd class “America” they grow up in. This “sound” has been obviously passed on n’ down from their elders – who lived in a different world from the rest of Americans.


If you’ve any aspirations of leaving the Black “reservation” –  then you must prepare yourself, Because the environment and landscape the poor/working class rural Black kid is haling from . . . is the land of inferior this, inferior that, inferior everything, and it’s by design and calculation. Any ghetto exist not by chance or happenstance . . . but was deliberately and strategically created   and maintained via treating people as less-than human – which has destroyed the “value and psyche” of an entire culture of people over centuries.


A capitalistic country has to have poor people to pimp n’ exploit, that’s Econ 101 . . . .


Young Mr Winston is just beginning that process, and the rankling he’s taking from Rednecks will do nothing but fuel his desire to master that imperialistic witch’s tongue.


Now, what’s telling – this condemnation is identical to what we heard during the George Zimmerman spectacle – White folks shocked, shocked to find out most  poor Black kids from the other side of town,  a side of town historically lacking in all critical educational tools don’t speak with the sophistication and perfection as upper middle class White kids from the land of Cotton Candy and Ice Cream.

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