NEW!!! You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To Do pt.34

Updated: January 15, 2014

NORTH CAROLINA-(BASN)-1. Dennis Rodman needs to explain why HE keeps going to North Korea? (Somebody is going to end up getting killed messing with this fool.) You Gotta Lotta’ Splainin To Do

2. Singer Rihanna needs to explain why she has a man crush on Eagles Michael Kendrick?

3. Ex-Falcon Chuck Smith needs to explain how he managed to sleep with the entire cast of Atlanta Housewives? (You Gotta Lotta’ Splainin To Do)

4. The new L.A. Lakers guard Kendell Marshall needs to explain why he wants KOBE to follow him on twitter? Now, that’s some SUCKA S*@#!! (You Gotta Lotta’ Splainin To Do)marshall

5. Somebody needs to explain where all the gay rumors are coming from surrounding Green Bay Packers QB AARON RODGERS? (You Gotta Lotta’ Splainin To Do)

6. A New York Knicks fan needs to explain why in the hell he got a swish neck tattoo as his Christmas present due to his obession with J.R. Smith?untitled

7. Somebody needs to explain why the Dodgers Carl Crawford is engaged to marry Evelyn Lozada…Man, I am head butting a wall after hearing about this?(You Gotta Lotta’ Splainin To Do)

8. Rapper Kayne West needs to explain why he went on a rant about why Michael Jordan should’ve never played for the Washington Wizards in his concert in Chicago? (You Gotta Lotta’ Splainin To Do)

9. Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd needs to explain why he told his player to bump into him in order to spill his cup of water during a game incident?

10. Shaunie O’Neal, ex-wife of NBA basketball star SHAQ needs to explain why she still wants to do another reality TV show? (Enuff said)shaun

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