Galarza Steals show

Updated: January 19, 2014

ShoBox the Next Generation featured four fights with 8 fighters with only one loss combined so this was an evening in which four prospects would take a giant step forward and four will find themselves asking where now?   The first fight saw two undefeated fighters with over 200 amateur bouts combined as Maurice Hooker challenged Abel Ramos.  

Hooker had one advantage that was self-evident, a longer reach which he used over the first three minutes of the fight as he snapped his jabs to control real estate.   Hooker won most of the second round with his jab but Ramos did manage to snap two hooks to Hooker’s face.  Ramos followed Hooker around the ring but failed to cut off ring.


Over much of the third round, Ramos pushed the action as he got inside of the longer armed Hooker and landed some solid shots.   Hooker boxed and move as he threw a few more power shots including a combination that shook Ramos as Ramos pursued him.    Hooker started the fifth round with combinations of his mobility as Ramos moved straight ahead without jabbing.  Ramos failure to jab his way to Hooker’s body allowed Hooker to simply land effective combinations.  

Hooker started the sixth round with combinations and slowed Ramos down as he tried to figure out Hooker for the first two minutes and thirty seconds before Ramos connected with a right hand over Hooker’s left followed by a left hook that connected to body and second hook to the head.  Ramos’ left eye started to swelled due to Hooker’s jabs.

If Ramos’ left eye was swollen, Hooker started to wear down as Ramos pounded Hooker throughout the seventh round. Ramos winged shots after shots.  Ramos hurt Hooker with solid hooks to the head as Hooker legs looked unsteady.   Hooker started out fast in the eighth round but this dissipated quickly as Ramos took charge of the round and landed a big left hook with thirty seconds left in the round.    Hooker landed more punches and the SHO Box team had Hooker winning 5 rounds to 3 but they cautioned the fans that this could be a draw.   The judges had a majority draw.  While I had Hooker winning like the Shobox team but this was a close fight and the judges scorecard reflected that.

The second bout featured Antoine Douglas and Marquis Davis, who was taking a big step up.   Douglas dominated the action as both fighters unleashed punches in bunches but it was Douglas’ punches that had the most pop.  Douglas landed some 40 plus punches on Davis but he did not put his opponent away.   For the first three rounds, Douglas was the more accurate as he connected on over 60% of his punches, but Davis stood up the punishments.  After four rounds, Davis had only connected on less than 20% of his punches and none of his punches had the steam to force Douglas to change his punching volume.

In the sixth round, Davis lost a tooth after yet another Douglas brutal attack even with mouth piece still in Davis’ mouth.    Douglas continued to pound Davis for the final two rounds but Davis kept standing up to the brutal assault and it wasn’t until the last twenty seconds that Davis even looked hurt.  The question that remained, is this evidence that Douglas punching power is over rated or Davis just has a tough chin?

The third bout featured John Thompson fighting Frank Galarza in a yet another battle of undefeated.   John Thompson won the first round with his jab as kept his space from Galarza. The second round was something else as Galarza nailed Thompson with a right hand as he jumped on Thompson.   Thompson moved back but got nailed with two more right hands and Galarza popped Thompson with a left hook that sent John Thompson down.

The final bout saw Ivan Redkach being challenged by Tony Lius.  Lius was the only fighter with a loss and was the decided underdog to rising star Ivan Redkach.   Redkach started fast as he was hoping to discourage Lius but Lius did managed to counter Redkach with a solid right and left hook.  A left uppercut nailed Redkach, who twisted around and glove touched the ground.  Referee did not catch the gloves hitting the canvas so Lius did not get credit for a knockdown.  At the end of the round, it was Lius who hit the round for flash knockdown.

Lius turned the fight into a brawl in the second round and this allowed Lius to smother Redkach’s power.  Lius inside tactics allowed him to stay in the fight and disrupted Redkach’s rhythm.   In the sixth round, Redkach landed several shots that stunned Lius plus an accidental headbutt opened up a cut on top of the Lius’ head.  Lius continued to brawl and even nailed Redkach’s with a left hook. 

Throughout the seventh and eighth round, the brawl continued even though Redkach occasionally landed clean shots before Lius tied him up or simply forced himself on RedKach’s chest.   Redkach and Lius banged each other in the tenth and final round.  Lius nailed Redkach right hand in an effort to stopped Redkach but while he had his moments, he failed to stop Redkach.  As for Redkach, he connected with solid left hands against Lius.  Both fighters showed no mercy to each other as they pummeled each other with power shots.  Redkach connected on 41% of his punches versus Lius connecting on only 26% of his punches.  Redkach won a unanimous decision and the scorecard were accurate as Redkach won 99-90, 97-92, 97-93 but it was a brutal fight. 

While Redkach was the star coming into the fight, it was the underdog Frank Galarza stole the show with a big knock out of John Thompson. 

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