Just As Black America Backed Jack Johnson and Joe Louis , We Should Support Russell Wilson . . .

Updated: January 26, 2014

Peyton Manning is the man . . . “Captain America” if you will, and millions already do.


I wholeheartedly believe Manning should be the NFL’s updated-version of the 1967 NBA’ Boston Celtic icon Bill Russell  – head coach and player . . . nonetheless I’m rooting for Russell Wilson. and the Seattle Seahawks.




Well to be brutally blunt . . . because Wilson is a Black Quarterback and I’m willing to admit  all which  that entails. A Russell Wilson victory is the greater good and  the greater benefit to both the sports world and US society as a whole. A Seattle Seahawk win has a larger, broader overall  impact and lasting influence than a Peyton Manning win. This is such a monumental moment in sports, in the history of the NFL; Manning, whose beaten Tom Brady – the other Great White Knight, who despite the, not merely charges of cheating, but rather convictions of cheating is regardlessly still held in the highest regards . . .  Manning will face-off against an undersized 3rd round Black Eagle Scout whose defied all the gutter-low expectations the Nolan Nowrocki frat brothers have set for him.


Just as Black America supported Jack Johnson,  Joe Louis and Jackie Wilson, a century ago, Afro-Americans from all walks-of-life ought fall-in-line behind Russell Wilson. We should constitute a monolithic Black block which backs the man and backs the men he symbolizes. The present-day condition of  Black n’ White relations and interrelations haven’t progressed all that much – and the measurable progress has come against the rejections of Rednecks.


Ponder this poignant point; millions of sportsfans will cheer Manning on . . . precisely because he’s White . . . and because Wilson is Black.  Yes of course two “wrongs” don’t make a “right,”  but gee what it does illustrate – this is still a racially divided country. A land where White folks, in a deliberate and  calculating fashion  crafted and maintained a segregated society – and millions, I say millions yearn to return to.  This bias attitude contributes to police brutality, Black unemployment, inferior schools, discriminatory bank lending practices, inferior and inadequate medical care. I’d argue those who support Manning because he’s White, and despise Wilson because he’s Black – are in the tens-of-millions.


I hope this observation causes John Whitlock and Terrance Moore – the “in-house” Negroes for  ESPN and USA Today respectively, to barf, their eyes to bleed, they turn White. No, wait I’d bet that’s Whitlocks dying wish . . . .


Wilson winning begins to silence the naysayers and critics of the “Black Quarterback” and our alleged inability to “man” the most “manly” position in all of American popular culture. And when you consider the Seahawks are firmly entrenched, due to Richard Sherman’s Nat Turner/Huey P. Newton moment, as the undisputed uppity, cocky villains and not merely the underdog black-sheeps – but the “bad guys.” A Super Bowl 48 victory will add insult and humiliation to the cultural battlefield loss for General Manning and his 7th Cavalry and the rank n’ file good ol boys who back them for . . . let us say somewhat dubious reasons.

White America, the Conservative (racist/sexist/elitist/homophobic my God is bigger than your God White America. . . ) that slice of the US which deeply and sincerely desires to secede from union – it is those people who need and deserve the double-whammy  – a Black President . . .and a Black Super Bowl champion QB.


Good lord, the sky is fallin’!


So I ask my fellow Soul brothers n’ sisters, in the spirit of Black Power and Power to the People, look at the bigger picture here, go beyond the superficial aspects of the game – past you “love” Manning and the Broncos, beyond Wilson is a cub, i.e, “he’s got years to play and win one”  and consider the combustible, volatile times we are a-livin’ in. Don’t minimize and trivialize the last 400 years of New World history! Back the man, the men, the team which is here to prove-a-point and not just return a punt . . . show your connection and allegiance to the Black Quarterback – the man that most of White America, behind suburban and rural closed doors believes is too dumb and spineless to be a victorious Signal Caller in the NFL.


Go a tad-deeper than “I’m a diehard  Bronco Fan,” and instead  be a diehard fan of the Black man trying to break the chains which have bound us all for almost half-a-millennium.  Be a smichen deeper than a Death Valley Pothole and recognize this nation is in the midst of a spiteful, angry White Backlash.  This President . . . and his family receive more “die-Nigger-die” luv letters  than Justin Bieber . . . !


I’ll be honest with you, How we, as a people can be so simple-minded, so small-minded  as to slight the historical significance of this Super Bowl is no surprise to me, it reflects how mislead and lead-astray we are as a people.


Can you say “Brainwashed and dumbed-downed?”


My ebony amigos, tragically Super Bowl 48 is as simple as Black and White. If you’re  walking-around in a Peyton Manning Jersey . . . understand history will paint n’ taint you as unconscious, asleep-at-the-helm  “sleep-walkers,”  “the lost ones” –  those who couldn’t see the green forest for the orange trees.

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