Tell Stephen A. Smith The Colin Powell Wing Of The Republican Party Is Weak, Powerless . . .On Life-Support.

Updated: December 18, 2013

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is doing a great deal of tightrope/sideline/tip-toein’ dancing as he’s entered the unfriendly fray between Jim Brown – the iconic NFL, 1967 version of an intellectual  Black alpha-male Mandingo warrior . . .   a  Black man’s “Black man” and Kobe Bryant – an intercontinental incognito Negro with a more global perspective of who n’ what a Black man is is.


While chewing the fat with Arsenio, Brown dubbed Kobe “confused” which is code for Bryant believes he can’t be defined by his skin color . . .  “He is somewhat confused about culture, because he was brought up in another country so it doesn’t quite fit what’s happening in America.”


Additionally Brown alluded to Kobe’s not being “down” with the field slave rebellion, instead he’s a House Negro who identifies with his oppressors. – citing his famous 1965  roundtable support for Muhammad Ali  when the exiled Champ told Uncle Sam . . . “ain’t no Vietcong ever called me Nigger . . . “  Brown said -”there were some athletes we didn’t call,” Brown said. “So if I had to call that summit all over again, there would be some athletes I wouldn’t call and Kobe would be one of them.”


Kobes answer, via twitting – was to declare himself a citizen of the world,  and did that global residency  “whiten” his blackness? “A Global” African American is an inferior shade to “American” African Americans?? #hmm..  that doesn’t sound very #Mandela or #DrKing sir


Here, please permit me to Translate, I speak gibberish . . .  Kobe is delusional in that he believes White folks judge him by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.


More Kobe; I think no matter where you come from, whether you come from Italy, whether you come from Inglewood [Calif.], whether you come from London, it doesn’t matter. Ultimately, the conversation is that it doesn’t matter what color skin you are to begin with. But, I think it’s a good place to start to have a good conversation and try to educate one another and try to improve as a society from it.”


Kobe doesn’t understand Jim Brown stood with Malcolm X, Huey P Newton, Bobby Seale and Angela Davis . . . there’s a difference in their realist “Black Power/Black Is Beautiful ” perspectives and  Kobe’s unrealistic, simple-minded,  idealistic, Utopian “We are the World” view of american and world wide racial issues.

Nonetheless their combustible conversation over Blackness prompted Smith to offer this piece of his somewhat confused mind: “When it comes to the African-American community, you have a plethora of individuals. For example, the black population hasn’t given the Republican Party more than 15% of its vote since 1964. And anybody who is deemed a black conservative, I am not one of them — I’m a registered Independent, just to get that out of the way — but those that I know who are black conservatives are considered pariahs and are ostracized in our communities and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


But this is how — this is a problem that exists within our community. Because you are from our community, everybody believes that everybody is supposed to be identical to one another and we can’t display or exercise any kind of versatility, alright, or range in our thinking. It’s a problem that we have to deal with. It’s an internal problem that exists and we’re going to have to handle it because if we don’t we’re gonna see more Jim Brown’s speaking out against more Kobe Bryant’s and we’re gonna see more Kobe Bryant’s retaliating against the likes of Jim Brown.


Yep, I’d characterized Stephen A.  as tiptoeing through-the-cotton fields . . . .


Once upon a time, I was driftin’ . . .n’ driftin’ and I found myself at a Ross Perot rally here in the Mile Hi City . . . so I grasp the all-so complicated complexity of the situation any Black person faces when they stray from the Ebony herd, bust-out of L7 and dare to question the Democrat company-lines, it’s as if they’ve lost their cotton-pickin’ minds and have some case of the fool, not flu, fool, because the thought right-now is  . . . the GOP is but-a wardrobe change away from White sheets n’ hoods.  But an heated election or category 5 Hurricane away from advocating armed rebellion against the Black Hitler in the Black House . . . .


Seriously . . . pitchforks, axes, bazookas n’  drones


Again, seriously – these people, Conservatives, are pushing for secession, the formation of  Whitopia, Great White America,  Whiteland . . . .  Tell me, what thinking American-of-Color wants to be in this all White guy fraternity? Voting your wallet is one thing – however supporting a political party as dedicated to returning this nation to yesteryear is lunacy.


The Republican TEA Party is against a decent fair breadwinner wage for the US worker, they oppose decent health care for worker ants n’ bees, and they desire to be at war with the 2nd and 3rd world – they hate most of the members of the UN . . .

Tell me, what thinking American-of-Color wants to be in this all White guy country club?


Most Black people don’t support Tea-publicans because its no secret the party is anti Black, anti-worker, anti-little people and they still like “their” women-folk barfoot, bent-over a hot stove . .  getting impregnated . . . Oh don’t try to stop me, you know I’m telling the truth! Based on the social realities and dynamics of American culture – there’re simply very few reasons for Black people, and most folks-of-color  to identify and support a group of half-mad, paranoid, arrogant White men who want to turn back the hands of time, no, well actually rip the god . . . clock of the blankety blank wall.


There’re very few viable, credible reasons “why” any Black American would be propelled to underwrite/vote-for What the “Right”  has come to represent and embody – racism, sexism, elitism, religious intolerance and homophobia . . . .


Why would Black people want to support Tricky Dick Nixon, Ronny “666” Ray-Gun or Big George W. n’ Little Dick Cheney . . .  ? How would we, as individuals – our institutions and organizations benefit from backing men who think Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King were traderious Commie-Pinko terrorist bastards? Honestly? What would motivate Black people to back a group of elitist who despised FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society/ War on Poverty?


Why would we support theses SOBs?


It seems to be Vulcan logic that a working class person, of which the vast majority of Black folks are, wouldn’t support a party which has attacked organized labor while exporting the American dream jobs overseas, to the four corners of the globe where they can pay the peasants in peanuts. A party always on the side of police brutality, a party desiring to build more prisons than pre-schools  . . .


The Colin Powell Wing of the Republican Party is weak and powerless . . ..


Look, I believe everyone ought have a shotgun to protect themselves and their loved ones in an imperfect society, and I have numerous issues with the public educational system, Uncle Sam is the daddy to far too many fatherless Black babies, and I too worry about the fate of the family in America . . . but I’ve no inclination to be a “Conservative.”

The GOP’s creed is  “Everyman for himself,” “I got mine, you get yours.”  Their political positions scream “I am not my brother’s keeper,” and they’ve no respect of the age-old adage “Women n’ Children First.” They’ve selective historical amnesia –  there’s no responsibility accepted, no accountability or liability taken in the role the White man played in creating the present day dysfunctional American Landscape – From the blight-filled Indian Reservations in the Dakotas to the darkest Ghettos in Indiana . . .  it seems  in the  hostile paranoid “Conservative” mind their personal “and they lived happily ever-after ending” justifies any n’ all horrific means employed to achieve it.


Integration, inclusion, spreading the wealth and diversity all leading to equality and fairness . . . are evil, evil  thoughts  to Conservatives . .  what would any intelligent, enlightened Black person want to align themselves with such charter-less characters?

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