Seasons Beatings for the New York Basketball Knicks

Updated: December 18, 2013

Bockers aren’t ringing in the Holiday cheer as some expected. carmelo-anthony-knicks4

NEW YORK – There’s got to be a point in Carmelo Anthony’s life right now where he wants to yell out, “okay, guys, this mess ain’t funny no more!” (broken English, my privilege). But, you get the idea. Carmelo must be in a state of shock over this nightmarish part of the season that he’s experiencing with the New York Knicks. True, most prognosticators didn’t have the Knicks overtaking the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, well you can even include the Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls with the return of Derrick Rose (now out again with season ending knee surgery) into that equation as well.

The Knicks were predicted by the experts to finish 5th in the dreaded Eastern Conference, not 14th. At present the Knicks are 7-17 and with the injuries and trade speculation dogging the team, it doesn’t seem like there’s any relief in sight. Even Coach Mike Woodson seems to be feeling the heat of the pressure that is swirling round about Madison Square Garden.

Around this time last season the Knicks were a serious 18-6 and the shock and surprise to many. But, they had a certain type of veteran leadership in the likes of: Jason Kidd, Rasheed Wallace, Kurt Thomas and for what it’s worth, Marcus Camby. Camby didn’t play much but his presence was a present to the younger players that needed guidance. Wallace was a gift to Knicks despite not playing a lot on the court with his court genius and veteran savvy.

Speaking more on Wallace (who is a Detroit Pistons assistant coach), look at the season, Andre Drummond in particular is having. From there you can see why newly minted coach Maurice Cheeks is sitting pretty. Wallace is a basketball savant and knows the game like very few others.

The Knicks by all accounts have some really good people. That is both in the organization itself and on the team of players. But for some other strange reason, it’s not outweighing the misfortune of circumstance of injury and bad court play.

Last year’s team also allowed Carmelo to play a lot freer. One thing is becoming quite clear in this era of NBA; one man simply cannot do it all alone. And sometimes with that one man, you won’t get the so-called, ‘total package.’ The best player on the team may not be the best leader. He may not be the best rah-rah get in your face instead of the coach doing it type of person. He may not be able to score 30 points and do the little things that help teams win.

And although Michael Jordan lost his mind over it but, Jerry Krauss did have a point when said, (while he was the Chicago Bulls, general manager), “it’s the organization that wins championships.”
When organizations stay in much chaos, they usually remain in the NBA Lottery. Knicks fans hope that their team’s fortune turn and remain for the better.

Jerald Hoover

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