Updated: December 9, 2013

 By:- Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter

Like Professor Fred Whitted from Winston Salem State University states many times “We have to tell our own story.”

Starting Black Quarterbacks- 14

11-2 Russell Wilson– Seattle Seahawks- Wilson tried to will his team to victory, it did not happen this time. The Seahawks were in a tight defensive battle with the second place San Francisco Forty Niners. It was Wilson’s second loss of this season. He was 15 for 25 and 199 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Niners win 19-17 in the battle of second half field goals.  Seahawks committed two many personal fouls in second half and it cost them the game. The Playoffs will still flow through the great Northwest with the Hawks as the number number one seed.camsss

9-4 Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton and the Baby Blue Cats ran into a buzz-saw and the New Orleans Saints. The Panthers started out well with a 6-0 lead in the first period and the game plan in hand.  Keep the ball away from Drew Brees and the Saints. It fell apart in the second period as Drew Brees scored 21 unanswered points.  This continued with ten more Saints unanswered points in the second half. The game was over as the Rob Ryan Blitz Crew created havoc on the Carolina offense and shutdown Newton.

The Panthers finally score a touchdown in the fourth quarter but it was too little too late The New Orleans Saints win 31-13 stopping the eight game winning streak and taking over the lead in the NFC South Division.

Cam was 22 for 34 and 160 yards with one touchdown pass. Newton also rushed six times for 48 yards keeping his lead in yards per rush at eight yards per carry by a quarterback.

9-4 Colin Kaepernick-San Francisco 49ers- The Niners keep that home streak of victories alive against the Seahawks. It was a tough defensive battle with both teams eyeing a higher playoff position. There were to key plays in this victory. Frank Gore’s long 40 yard run and Kaepernick’s eight yard sprint in the fourth quarter sealed the victory for San Francisco. Kaepernick was 15 for 29 and 175 yards with one touchdown and one interception. This was a statement game for the Bay Area team, a must win and the Red and Gold did their job.

6-7 Geno Smith- New York Jets- Rookie– The good Geno Smith shows up at Met Life Stadium stopping a three game losing streak with a lot of help from  Gang Green.  Smith went 16 for 25 and 219 yards with one throwing touchdown and one rushing touchdown. The blocked punt for a score in the second quarter became the turning point in this game. The New York Jets win 37-27 over the Oakland Raiders.

3-6 E.J. Manuel-Buffalo Bills- Rookie– it was the only venue in the morning with clear warm weather. E.J. Manuel did not have one of his best games committing four interceptions and was sacked seven times. He could not get the Bills offense on track. Manuel went 18 for 33 and 184 yards. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the fourth out of five games 27-6.

R3-10 Robert Griffin III– The Washington Football Club- This team looked flat early and finally gave up, surrendering 31 points at halftime. Can’t blame Robert Griffin III for that, but this man has to stand up and be a leader. The defense and special teams did not show up as the Kansas City Chiefs scored on their first four possessions. Griffin gets sacked four times and then throws the team under the bus AGAIN. Don’t know what’s going on in Washington D.C. but something has to change. Fans left FedEx Field at halftime. Griffin went 12 for 26 and 164 yards with one touchdown and one interception. The Kansas City Chiefs blow out the Washington Football Club 45-10. This cannot continue in Washington D.C. this team is too talented to lose the last six of seven games.

3-5 Terrell Pryor-Oakland Raiders – came in for a few plays in the second quarter went 2 for 5 and 20 yards. This team has to answer the question who will be the starting quarterback for the Black and Silver in 2014.

2-4 Michael Vick- Philadelphia Eagles- DID NOT PLAY

1-2 Thad Lewis – Buffalo Bills- DID NOT PLAY

1-4 Jason Campbell– Cleveland Browns- Jason Campbell did everything he could to get the Cleveland Browns a victory throwing for the leading touchdown with 61 seconds left in the game. The New England Patriots found a way to pull out the third game in a row.  They recovered an onsides kick then got a pass interference call at the one yard line. New England wins 27-26. Jason Campbell went 29for 44 and 390 yards with three touchdowns.

0-1 Seneca Wallace– Green Bay Packers- DID NOT PLAY

0-1 Josh Freeman- Minnesota Vikings- DID NOT PLAY

0-3 Josh Freeman-Tampa Bay Bucs- Waived week 4

Total 48-53

Black Head Coaches-3imagesCAG7M5RG

Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals 9-4

Ron Rivera- Carolina Panthers-Latin Head Coach 9-4

Mike Tomlin– Pittsburgh Steelers 5-8-

Leslie Frazier– Minnesota Vikings 3-9-1

Total 26-25-1

Black General Managers- 5

7-6 Detroit Lion Martin Mayhew– The Lions walked into a snow blizzard and handled it well in the first half as the Philadelphia Eagles win the Blizzard Bowl 34-20.  The Defense let LeSean McCoy run for 217 yards and two touchdown. Nobody kicked an extra point because of the field conditions. Now The NFC North could be called up for grabs even the Green Bay Packers have a chance to win this divisionoz

7-6 Baltimore Raven Ozzie Newsome- The Ravens win in the snow of Baltimore with seconds left. The Ravens win the Purple Bowl.  Both teams waited until the fourth quarter to get their offenses in gear with five lead changes in less than two minutes. Joe Flacco had three touchdowns but also had three interceptions in very sloppy game. Ravens pull it out 29-26.

4-9 Oakland Raider Reggie McKenzie– The Raiders had to go across country one more time to meet the New York Jets after losing to The New York Football Giants in the same stadium weeks earlier. They have not won on the east coast since 1998. That’s 13 games in a row.  The Black and Silver get behind early and never caught up to the high flying Jets. They even tried to plug Aaron Pryor into the game in second period but that did not work either. The New York Jets win 37-27.  This team has to decide who will be their leader in 2014.

5-8 The New York Football Giant Jerry Reese– This team has some soul searching to do before the 2014 season starts. The New York Giants have not beating a team with a winning record all year long and they get behind the San Diego Chargers 24-0 at halftime and the game was over. Phillip Rivers touches the Giants defense with three touchdown passes in the first half. Eli Manning did not show up until the second half, ONCE AGAIN. Manning was 20 for 32 and 259 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions. This officially puts a end to New York’s playoff hopes.

2-11 Houston Texan Rick Smith-  The Texans lose the Thursday game to the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-20 then fire their head coach Gary Kubiak Friday afternoon. The Texans ran into a hot team and lost. It’s the 11 straight but they were in this game unlike the others until Matt Schaub threw a interception with time running out. This team may have already started the rebuilding process letting Kubiak go before the season ended.

Totals   25 -40

Black Ownership -0

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