Knicks Make Magic Go, ‘Poof into the Night’; Celts Make Knicks Disappear in the Day

Updated: December 11, 2013

Cavs behind Kyrie Irving smash Knicks also


NEW YORK – Just when you thought it was safe to go outside and become a New York Knicks fan again, the Boogie Man reappears and snatches the heart right out of you. This Knicks season is starting to shape itself like the fate of the Titanic. So with due respect to the former Knicks great, Michael “Sugar” Ray Richardson quote, we will use it here, “the ship be sinking.”


One night the Knicks put on an absolute clinic in school the Orlando Magic, 121-83 then a couple of days later lay an egg against the Boston Celtics, 114-73. The 41 point drubbing by the young Celtics was the Knicks 3rd worse home loss in franchise history. And behind their 109-94 loss in Cleveland against the Cavaliers, at press time, the Knicks are 5-15. This record is tied for the worse 20 game start in team history.

Speaking of history, perennial All-star, Carmelo Anthony’s squad is sliding down a very slippery slope. At this rate, it could very well cost Coach Mike Woodson his job. That would further set the franchise back, however for a variety of reasons. The main reason is the lack of continuity. Change can be good, but not when it comes every 3 or 4 seasons. Sure, this is New York and it is said that the fan base for sports here wants instant gratification. But, that comes across as a bad rap as well, because fans are smart enough to know when a righteous rebuilding is taking place. And it’s not as if fans will stop buying tickets. What’s worse, an overpaid sluggish and stink filled team or a young, motivated and pointed in the right direction team, despite early losing?

Take a look at some of the younger teams in the NBA that have talent and see how it’s starting to pay off. There’s the Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers. The Portland Trailblazers fit into that category. Oh and we must not forget the Atlantic Division first place Celtics.

Now the danger lies now, in the fact that this season can go from a bad dream to an actual nightmare. At present they are in last place. Carmelo can and will opt out of his contract in February. Could and should the Knicks consider trading him now or risk losing him for absolutely nothing in the summer. Would he or could he possibly stay and help right the ship? Would the allure of Los Angeles and Kobe Bryant, who is also a close friend and confidant, be too much for the Knicks to compete with?

Is James Dolan’s billion dollar play pin on the verge of a being a bad investment. And now with the City vowing to take over the Garden to expand Penn Station in 15 years; is the clock really ticking? If the Knicks lose Melo, how will they recover?

Jerald L. Hoover


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