Kirk Cousins Is Mike Shanahan’s Personal “Great White Hope . . . . “

Updated: December 14, 2013

Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III are as different as . .  .  oil n’ water, hot n’ cold, up n’ down, in n’ out, young n’ old, left n’ right – as “opposite” as Black and White. And it‘s this monumental difference which is most dramatic, most profound – has inclined me to believe and often assert  the Shanny’s don’t have Griffin’s ”best interest” at heart as say the Patriots have Tom Brady’s “best interest” at heart.


Belichick wants Brady to be successful. If Brady does well, the team does well.


I can’t say that’s the case within the Washington Redskin’s organization – starting with the head coach, and his son. I believe both are speaking with a General George A. Custer type forked-tongue. . . . Benching this Black Quarterback is meant to be more than merely a slap-in-the-face to RGIII – but what he’s the symbolic posterboy for – the Afro-American Field General. While the diabolical desire is to have Kirk Cousins break records, not to merely raise his individual stock, or recertify Shanahans genius   . . . but to show to all  the greatness of the traditional White Quarterback.


You know I’m telling the ice-cold truth, you know it!


I’d submit father n’ son went along with this RGIII “experiment,” just as last century’s Southern Congressman went along with Buffalo Soldiers and Tuskegee Airmen – begrudgingly. Both coaches have reluctantly adhered to the owners whims to play the bronze Golden Boy despite their preference for Captain Kirk Cousins – who Mike saw as perhaps the steal of last years draft.


Behind closed doors – Griffin isn’t the boy for the job as far as they’re concerned, partially because he’s a Black Field General in the NFL – America’s national pastime. He’s also now fabulously wealthy . . .  and sleeping with an attractive Snow Bunny. Just as President Obama’s “uppity” persona and  mannerisms inflame the ‘Right,” i.e, the vast-majority ofWhite America –  Griffin’s grasp of the English dialect – his diction and vocabulary “rubs them the wrong way.”


Please, don’t trivialize  this – being a tri-lingo Black Boy Scout doesn’t  endear Robert to most White folks. Rush Limbaugh despises  General Colin Powell and former Oklahoma Wishbone QB, turned Uncle Tom,  JC Watts. You can never be White enough for the Teapublicans.


Never hate Black folks enough  . . . .


Ponder this point my pig-skinned pals – Shanahan’s  sabotaged Griffin’s career a few times, first with drafting Kirk Cousins . . .  many of us who were paying-attention, we smelled a rat, yes we did. Then, by the end of last season – the playoffs, permitting the young ebony alpha-male Signal Caller to remain in battle despite being wounded . . . Romeo Crennel wouldn’t have, nor would have Mike Tomlin. Leslie Frazier, Denny Green, Herman Edwards wouldn’t have – and hell yes, I’m gonna say it – because they’re fellow Black men, and its my calculated hunch all those Black men are much more empathetic n; sympathetic to the plight of a Black man – then most White men, especially n’ specifically “conservative” (racist/sexist/elitist ) White men like Mike Shanahan  . . .George W. Bush’s personal buddy.


What being a “conservative”  screams? You’re apart of the 3 out-of 4 White guys in America . . . who struggles with accepting Blacks and other Americans of color are  . . . people.


The Shanny’s again betrayed Griffin by not allowing him to get his sea-legs back  during this pre-season. And then abandoned him again by playing him this season when we all could see the kid wasn’t ready . . . .


But wait, let it be said – It’s a crime, a  god-damn crime I say that Robert Griffin III’s  career is in the small Hobbit like hands of one of the NFL’s “boy geniuses”. Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan, the boy who’d be king, is as qualified to be a NFL “offensive coordinator” as H.R. Pufnstuf ‘s qualified to be an NASA astronaut. A mancub born with a titanium teaspoon in his mouth – who’s been given, as in handed-to-him a NFL coaching career.


Mike Shanahan’s pimped, exploited and is now using RGIII’s career to make a sinister point- he was brilliant in his calculation to have wanted to draft Cousins. Cousins is suppose to step-up on Sunday and illustrate what a “thinking” White man can do.


Kirk Cousins is Mike Shanahan’s personal Great White Hope . . . .  Together, Cousins and the Shanny’s will display . . . White superiority.


Don’t get it twisted – this gridiron soap opera is bigger, deeper, wider. . . and darker than most want to admit; Mike Shanahan seeks to use Cousins to make a sinister point which is shared by many, many White guys, a point which has been long-standing n’ widely believed – Black men are dumb. Ah, the best-laid plans of both little men n’ mice . . . .

Now’s the right-time to play the O’jays “Backstabbers.”


Here, let me set the table; From Cam Newton, EJ Manuel, and Russell Wilson to Geno Smith and Josh Freeman – each n’ everyone of them has been characterized by coaches/experts/aficionados/sportsfans and pundits – in some form-or-fashion as unable to comprehend and grasp complicated NFL offenses and decipher complex NFL defenses – as well as having their maturity doubted and their mental/emotional stability questioned along with their ability to lead men into battle.


Now wait, up until . . . hell, right now the stated belief has been there’re no Black men with these abilities . . .  abilities seemingly every Caucasian, of any persuasion is born with!


RGIII and Wilson are the first two “smart” Black men to play the game . . . have White guys tell it!


Am I lying?


Warren Moon just threw it up in Houston’s Run n’ Shoot, Randall Cunningham just ran around a lot. . . .Doug Williams was in the right place at the right time,  . . . .


But hang on; this belief that Black people are dumb, lazy, criminals – it does not start nor stop with football or sports. From the Black school Principal to Doctor – both are incompetent, as is the Black butcher, gourmet baker,  computer-chip maker  . . . and President.


. .

Here’s the Black man lesson for Robert . . . you think you’re assertive –  most White folks brand you aggressive. You see yourself as self-confident . .  they see you as arrogant and cocky.  You deem yourself  “bright,” intelligent and well-learned – they see you as “clever” like a great ape who can sign language . . .  And while it’s refreshing to see a Black “helicopter “ dad hovering-over his son . . . that strong, wise, mature Sergeant presence is unsettling for angry, paranoid, insecure White men trying to hang-on to a fake, make-believe monopoly they’ve claimed to have on the premiere “Signal Caller” position in American pop-culture. It’s harder to manipulate and exploit the son when the dad is present, dah!


From this moment on young Mr. Griffin . . .  watch your back son, don’t trust every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mike or Kyle.

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