The New England Patriots Stood Accused . . . Again!

Updated: December 3, 2013

You can call the New England Patriots “sympathetic media darlings” or even envied champions – but you must call them cheaters, as there’s no debate as to whether or not  they’re convicted cheaters.

Houston Texans’ Antonio Smith has suggested after their humiliating defeat last weekend against the B & B’s  Inglorious Bastards, he looked behind the curtain and saw that the pigskin excellence,  the gridiron genius we all marvel at . . . is contrived, fabricated, staged n’ managed. Smith couldn’t grasp how Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offense could  score 27 points after halftime. Something didn’t add up. “I’m very suspicious,” Smith said. “I just think it will be a big coincidence if that just happened by chance. I don’t know for sure, but I just know it was something that we practiced this week.”

Yes,  the Boston franchise has cheated before, it’s in their blood. Belechick clone Josh McDaniel brought their cheating ways to Denver and got cold busted – it’s how these guys do their brand of Biz-Ness.

I’m sorry, but for me it’s not a question of  “did they cheat,”  but rather “how” do they get-away with it in the court of public-opinion?

Well here’s how;  the team really is a band of Great White Hopes and it’s that precise  element of the franchise which endears the operation to many. That blind love-affair enables fans and writers to minimize, slight and actually ignore . . . cheating.

Such is the case when Rob Gronkowski  is acting a fool and the sports world turns a blind-eye and deaf-ear to his shenanigans. Acts of immaturity few Black players could escape from untouched as this man-child has.

Sportsfans let’s stop pretending – Brady’s Bunch, the Boston Patriots are the gridiron reincarnation of the Larry Bird lead Boston Celtics. Those hoopsters had their, Cornbread, ML Carr,  Dennis Johnson and Robert Parrish but the meat of the team was Bird, McHale, BYU product Danny Ainge and a list of Great White Hopes: Pistol Pete Maravich, Bill Walton . . .  they all got a chance to play with Bird.

No Disrespect to Maravich – he was baaad.


Nonetheless, man-made White guys in ball handling positions, ala 1964 pre integration . . . Golden Boys assembled to defeat overtly  Black teams. Just what we see with Brady, Gronk, Edelman and  Amendola and any great White Hope they can find – be it a Bruschi, Vrabel or Woodhead.


There was a snide chuckle when the Patriots shelved Chad Johnson citing his inability to grasp their complicated offense, while when Randy Moss did grasp and excel in it –  the sportswriters were so quiet you could hear a rat piss on cotton. Sure the Pats’ brought in a knuckleheads like Corey Dillon and Moss – both pimped n’ exploited for fame and glory, then dismissed. Richard Seymore and Willie McGhinest shipped-off . . . .


The Patriots are looking for “smart, hard working”  players – which in itself is Redneck code for “White Guys.”


Look, I know as a Black cat, I’m not suppose to address this controversy from this perspective, but golly-gee willikers  Ms Cleaver,  it’ simply ridiculous to ignore the obvious facts; Boston is a legendary racist town, ask Bill Russell. Look at the turmoil of school busing in America during the 70’s – Boston was the hotspot. It has an image and reputation for being a segregated city, not that most aren’t but Boston has an asterisk attached to it.

You can deny it if you like, but America, White America – White sportsfans and pundits are willing to embrace and anoint  liars, cheaters and thieves . . . like Brady n’ Belechick before they have to tolerate the Naw Leans Saints  for sure, the OakTown Raiders . . .  teams representing chocolate cites Whites don’t identify with.  While Mike Tomlin, one of a Hobbits handful of Afro-American Head Coaches, along with the liberal  team owners, the Rooney family- who do business with Barack Obama . . . will incur the wrath of the holier than thou fatcat cartel that is the NFL owners, for Tomlins “mistake.”


Speaking of asterisks . . .   there ought be one attached to the Super Bowl trophies “earned/stolen”  by Belechick and Brady.

 Nonetheless because of  “who n’ what” the team represents – “Great white Hopes” in popular US culture, there’s an reluctance to admit the little emperor is butt-naked, a resistance to confess to cheating. White guys don’t cheat.

This reluctance to admit Kraft’s “Camelot”  is tarnished is akin-to the issue of asterisks being attached to the bust of Canton residents like Slingin’ Sammy, the Galloping Ghost, Bob Waterfield, Otto Graham Y.A. Title – gladiators who played in a racially segregated NFL. The truth endangers the Great White Hope and that Great Nordic Hunter alpha-male myth which must constantly be promoted.  So the truth of  “how” the Patriots dominant can’t be told –   it would destroy the storied careers of more than a few Super White men.

That’s why Antonio Smith has back-tracked on this one, tried to laugh it off and dismiss it all as “just jokin”.

Please, you boys over at Bleachers Report and Yahoo News – you know Smith’s telling the truth about the Patriots and I’m telling the burning-bush truth about “why” they’re allowed to cheat – it’s a calculated and deliberate effort to create White sports heroes in an arena which is desperate from a marketing standpoint for them.

It’s why Brett Favre can email snapshots of his penis to women who aren’t his wife  . .  and Wrangler still wants him to sell jeans.

Just as the best talent, the best players,  the best athletes were deliberately, strategically forbidden from competing –  because Anglo Saxon sports legends had to be made . . .  White men knew on an individual, position-by-position battle . . . they’d get their asses kicked.  So we all have to pretend, make believe Johnny U could have beat out the best Black QBs of his era who weren’t permitted to compete.

Gee, how weak n’ punk-ass does that sound?!

The NFL should have been 75% Black in 1941 . . . . No?

 Since the NFL round-table of aristocrats won’t tarnish their own brand . . .  the flagship face of the league –  an outside organization ought be brought in to determine if the Patriots are traitors, if they’ve betrayed the fans, the gamblers and the gods by cheating. There’s no cheating in football . . . . . But alas, the NFL fined New England coach Bill Belechick $500,000 and the team $250,000 and took away a first-round pick in the 2008 draft for videotaping New York Jets signals during a game. Belichick said he thought that was allowed and apologized for what he said was a mistake in his interpretation of the rule prohibiting it.

In denying the truth about the Boston Patriots being cheaters there’s something about it akin-to the often stated fact most White folks admit they’d rather hire a convicted, uneducated White  felon . . . before they hire a Black boy scout with a PhD.

Please, I need some White sports writer or ESPN talk show host to explain this to me with without giving me the White person  denial/amnesia card. Enlighten me as to why Mike Tomlin, one of a Hobbits handful of Afro-American Head Coaches, along with the liberal  team owners, the Rooney family- who do business with Barack Obama . . .  incur the wrath of the holier than thou fatcat cartel that is the NFL owners, for Tomlin’s “mistake,” while Brady and Belechick walk.

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