Triple GGG Wins in the Garden

Updated: November 4, 2013

Curtis Stevens faced the hard slugging Gennady Golovkin in Madison Square Garden for Golovkin’s Middleweight title after winning four straight victories including three first round knockouts victory.   Golovkin has won twenty four fights of his twenty seven victories by knockouts and had yet to taste defeat.   

Before the main event undefeated Heavyweight  Magomed Abdusalamov faced undefeated Mike Perez.   Abdusalamov not only came in the fight undefeated but he also won every fight by knockout.   Perez nickname was Irish Mike Perez but only in boxing where a Cuban fighter end up with a nickname Irish but he does presently live in Ireland. 

Perez started out fast as he shook Abdusalamov with straight lefts in a battle of southpaw.    While Abdusalamov landed some hooks but the sharper punches landed by Perez.

In the second round Abdusalamov reversed the results of the first round as he landed some ponderous left hooks over the first half of the round but Perez managed land some vicious shots over the last minute of the round.

Throughout the third round Abdusalamov power started to take hold as he forced Perez to retreat throughout most of the round which included a vicious left with thirty seconds left in the round but Perez had his moments as he did corner Abdusalamov for about thirty seconds. 

Throughout the fourth round, Abdusalamov started to smoke as he landed over half of his power punches as he tested Perez chin but throughout the fifth round, it was Perez who outworked Abdusalamov in a see saw battle.

Abdusalamov never been to the sixth round and as the sixth round began, Abdusalamov right side of his face swelled from Perez right hand hook.  Abdusalamov mouth never could close but he continued to move forward against Perez.

Going into the seventh round, Abdusalamov started fast in an attempt to change  the tenor of the fight but Perez continued to pound Abdusalamov with quicker and more accurate punches.  As Abdusalamov went back to his corner in the seventh round, not only did his face continue to swelled but a cut open over his right eye.  

The eighth round was a competitive as both fighters punched each other in close quarters and despite the obvious injuries, Abdusalamov showed heart despite the beating he was taking.  Over the last minute of the ninth round, Abdusalamov landed some big shots that shook Perez. Perez stuck out his tongue as if to say,” it don’t hurt” but the sweat exploding from the effects of the punches said otherwise.  And Abdusalamov was helped by a point deduction for a low blow from Mike Perez. 

Throughout the tenth round, Perez thwarted Abdusalamov attacks with solid shots and with a minute left, a Perez right hand nearly sent Abdusalamov down.  Perez pursued Abusalamov while trying to end the fight but a Abdusalamov left hand opened up a cut over Perez’s eyes.  This was a brutal heavyweight but both fighters showed skill rarely seen in recent heavyweight outs.  If  Klitschko-Povetkin was boring affair, this had action from the opening bell as both fighters unleashed barrage of punches. 

Perez won the decision as he should had but Abdusalamov  showed heart in a bout in which both fighters threw an average of 140 punches per round and landed nearly 60 punches per round.  These marks were significantly higher than most heavyweight bouts. 

Golovkin came into the fight looking for his fourth win in 2013 and was fighting in Stevens hometown.   Golovkin effectively jabbed Stevens over the first minute of the first round and even managed land a right hand.  If Golovkin won most of the first round, Stevens managed to connect with a left hook of his own with thirty seconds left in the round.

Golovkin controlled the second round with his jab and this led to an explosion at the end of the round as he nailed Stevens with a double left hook. This sent Stevens to the canvas with fifteen seconds left in the round.  The third round saw Golovkin jab and pursue Stevens who showed reluctance to exchange punches or even jab as Golovkin jab controlled the real estate between the two.

For the first two and half minutes of the fourth round saw Golovkin jabs set up body shots and had Stevens trapped in the corner. Then out of nowhere, Stevens fought off the rope for his first big offense of the fight at that point.  Golovkin trapped Stevens on the rope throughout the fifth and sixth round as he landed combinations at will even  if Stevens occasionally landed hard left hook. 

Starting in the seventh round, Stevens attempted to keep the fight in the center of the round but eventually Golovkin offense and ability to cut off the ring  forced Stevens to retreat.  Throughout the eighth round,  Golovkin pressure forced Stevens once again to the rope and he battered Stevens throughout the eighth round with vicious body shots.   Stevens fought just enough to keep the referee from stopping the fight but Golovkin beat Stevens down.  As Stevens returned to his corner, his corner stopped the fight.  Stevens did not protest and looked the part of a beaten fighter.  Golovkin landed three times as many punches as Stevens and nearly connected  as many punches as Stevens threw. 

Golovkin may be the best Middleweight in the world but it is not just his power that wins him fight. Golovkin has solid technical skills with an effective jab, which sets up his right and left hooks but just as impressive is his ability to cut off the ring.   Golovkin wants one fighter, the recognized Middleweight champion, Sergio Martinez and then he can say he is the baddest Middleweight in the world.

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