How Do You Keep A Secret From A Black NFL player? Put It Between The Covers Of A Book . . . He’ll Never, Ever Look There.

Updated: November 12, 2013

How do you keep a secret from a Black man? Put it between the covers of a book  . . . He’ll never, ever  look there.  The Miami Dolphins Black players clearly epitomize this demoralizing  notion. . . . Apparently few, perhaps a midget’s handful, would recognize an insult if it were dressed as a teammate, walked-up and called them a Nigger . . . .


The Miami Dolphin’s locker room’s bromance with Richie Incognito . . .  and rejection of Jonathan Martin has turned a spotlight on, not-merely “who and what’s”  a man, but who is and what  is to “be Black . . . .” The gladiator’s  summation of both is sad, pathetic and discouraging for me, a 50 year old Black man.


It doesn’t stop with the Dolphins, nor in Miami . . . .


How many of you are  surprised today’s young Black unenlightened sportsmen  allowed this type of neanderthal behavior and cave,man verbiage to, not merely go unchecked,  but condoned it – because I’m not shocked Incognito’s got their blind-blessings.


Why not?


Well, because I’m Black, been Black all my life.


It’s no shock to me the well-educated half-Black Boy Scout/bookworm isn’t  “Black enough,” while the working-class loud-mouth, Redneck good ol’ boy is down with the Blacker-than-Black brothers. Black people, after experiencing 400-plus years of life in America . . . far-too many of us have the same perception of ourselves as Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruise do . . . we believe Black people should be non-intellectual. We wear the “Black hat.”  We’ve embraced the “worst of society” as “ours.” We’re always rebels, misfits, outcast  . .  barbarians . . . even in our own minds!


These unquestionably lost. rudderless, generations of Black folks have forgotten Black is Beautiful. They view themselves as Nigg-ahs . . . .


More Black kids can identify Al Pacino as the 1980’s cinematic icon – Tony Montana – then they could a picture of Frederick Douglass, Einstein, Booker T., Thomas Edison,  Dubois, Steve Jobs, Malcolm X, Charles Drew,  Angela Davis or Huey P. Newton n’ Bobby Seale. . . . we’ve different heroes and role models on the reservation.


It’s safe and sad to-say the vast-majority of Black players n the NFL/NBA/MLB  are “intellectually lacking” if not bankrupt – it’s how n’ why Shaquille O’Neal could endorse, lend his name n’ fame to Republican loudmouth Chris Christie . . . . Blame it on ignorance, a lack of the facts, of history, of who you are, where you live and who you’re dealing with.


How do you keep a secret from a Black man? Put it between the covers of a book  . . . He’ll never, ever  look there.

We ourselves,  based on our own ignorances  – have come-to believe Black people are physically-gifted, however mentally challenged, simply because White folks – the dominating, oppressive established majority – has been ramming that thought down our throats for half-a-millennium now, and far-too many of us have accepted the notion.  .


We’ve made Rednecks prophets.


Far, far too-many of us identify with the bad-ass badass, our males gravitate toward challenging all tradition and authority.


I’ve mentioned this a few times only because it’s relevant – I work in a inner-city middle school in a major city, most of the kids are Black, and I can say with without hesitation the Miami Dolphin’s mentality permeates our school. And thus logically it’s the dominant mindset throughout Denver’s historic Afro-American neighborhoods – and yes throughout the state, region and all across Black America. Speaking proper English, getting good grades  . . in this twisted upside-down nation that makes a Black kid a “geek,” Black on the outside, White on the inside.


How misguided is that?


And the sidebar in this; White folks act as if they don’t understand nor “get” how this brainwashing has occurred – they don’t recall whose tainted n’ painted Black folks as sub humans . . . surely not White people.


We, as Black folks have adopted n’ embraced the gutter-low expectations White America has set for us . . . it’s tragic. But let’s note; self-destruction, the disintegration of the Black family has made this degression easier.


Being Black is more complex than skin-color; it’s an attitude,  a way of carrying one’s self, the lifestyle someone lives the choices and options people chose. Intellectual curiosity, seeking knowledge and enlightenment, i.e, studying greek mythology as Jonathan martin did . . . just don’t cut it on the Black reservations and homelands.


Deny it! Somebody tell me the silence and support for Incognito does not underscore the reality millions, and millions, and millions of Blacks – our once high morals, values, standards and expectations have been lowered – we’ve lowered the bar to accommodate our hardships and failures. We’ve ghettoized, thugarized alas, niggerazied our thought process and perspectives – its sad. Like crabs in a barrel, we pull those who can get out, back down into misery n’ despair.

How do you keep a secret from a Black man? Put it between the covers of a book  . . . He’ll never, ever  look there.


The baby making machines in St Louis and New York – Jenkins a and Cromartie, they’are Black, Suh up in Hitsville USA, playing with a 2×4 on his shoulder – he’s Black, Vick the dogfighter was Black,- Plaxico who shot himself and Rae Carruth who had his baby’s momma murdered . . . they’re  Black, but the Black kid from an successful family who graduated with a degree in Greek Mythology . . . isn’t.

To be deemed Black today – You’ve got to have a “I don’t take anything off of anybody mindset.” You’ve got to dress a certain way – like a thug, walk a certain way – like a gangster- talk a certain way — broken Ebonics mixed with “1967  jive” – think short-term like a back-ally hustler, listen to the right music – gangster rap and eat the right foods . . . like a slave out of 1857.


This harkens me back to The Cosby’s . . . when it was Black folks who were more offended than White folks the show didn’t depict a lifestyle Black folks lived or could relate to.

Here’s who Incognito’s apologizing  for – the physically overly-aggressive Black men on the Dolphin’s team who were, in this case too weak and meek mentally to straighten him out. Richie’s the misguided Frankenstein-like  by-product of mildly/slightly educated, spineless Black boys posing as men.



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  3. MLR

    November 23, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    Insightful post. Black male athletes assume the negative mantle of the oppressor in order to embrace their own continued subjugation to retain the familiar. It’s akin to poor/middle class whites clinging to the political/economic conservatism that capitalizes on their bigotry & stupidity that increasingly impoverish them.
    A chicken or an egg quandary of driving forces between clinging to the communal safety engendered within one’s own ethnic group or despising of otherness contrary to individual/group best interests.

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