Richie Incognito . . . The Uncivilized Barbarian.

Updated: November 7, 2013

I’m shocked, shocked I say to discover the barbarians aren’t civilized. Conan lives . . . and apparently works in the NFL, granted he’s traveling  . . . incognito.


Sorry, I couldn’t help it.


While you’re at it, forgive me, I hate to be the bearer-of bad news, the teller-of the traumatic truth, but every locker-room in the NFL has some level, some form, some degree of the same boorish behavior going on within their pigskin fraternity as the Miami Dolphins do.


Incognito isn’t alone in his terrorist acts, and he’s not the first . . . nor the last.


ESPN has Incognito on tape last year elaborating on why he and Dolphin teammate Mike Pouncy were “coercing” then-rookie Ryan Tannehill.  Jonathan Martin was pushed n’ shoved by more than just one man – and more specifically – by a culture which turned a blind-eye, a deaf-ear and cold-shoulder to how workplace biz-ness was conducted, how lockerroom law n’ order was maintained. How the herd of stallions, Mustangs and war ponies is thinned.


That “warrior” mentality permeates the locker room, explaining why the team rather have Incognoito back and discard Martin, who’s seen as a “sissy,”  a “mommas boy” despite being a professional gladiator.


Aaron Hernandez proves my point. He may have been a killer . . . but he was the Patriot’s killer  . . .  Kraft and Belichick knew what Hernaandez was made of . . . but he could run faster and jump high. . . .


Is it no wonder Miami’s Mike Pouncy and Hernandez are friends . . .. Neanderthals seek out other neanderthals.


Now wait, here, dig this – the shades of this type behavior plays-out in NCAA football locker-rooms, in high school locker-rooms . . . and I’d venture to say o Pee-Wee teams across the nation.


American society isn’t completely civilized – and our culture proves that.


There are “Richie Incognitos” on police departments, in public schools, on Wall Street, in Washington DC . . . .


Incognito is a asshole . . . who happens to also be an gridiron alpha-male who weighs 300 pounds, and has millions in his piggy bank, so he’s also a arrogant, racist, out-of-control asshole, alas Incognito is a bully.  A manifestation of his personal environment, and our American way-of-life, i.e., the climate, the feel, the taste, the texture and fabric of the country – which is one of fear, violence, intimidation, hostility, anger, bullying . . . . it’s what we do.


Individuals, Institutions and organizations which get what they want – by any means required.


Wal-Mart, The TEA Party, The NCAA . . .


Hell, gee if you think about it, the US of A.  – from the Korean and Vietnam “police actions” to Iraq – we impose our will via force, flexing our Imperial muscle. Ponder this point my friend; the country was crafted, hand-made by gun-totin’ bullies, i.e., European “explorers,” Colonialism. Africans, Aztecs, Incas Mayans, Comanches, Sioux, Apaches and Mohicans . . . all were “bullied” in an effort to pimp and exploit them


Richie Incognito is the team poster-boy who’s broadcasted on the scoreboard during Dolphin home games promoting “orderly conduct” and “being civilized” for fans. . . . because the fan base isn’t all that “civilized.”


Those sportsfans,with our thinking caps on, with our blinders off understand the distractionary role of sports in American society, nonetheless,  for the vast-majority of those who don’t look any deeper than the owner’s company line . . . well they’re “shocked,” shocked to find out there’s gambling, prostitution, drugs, violence, manipulation of the weak/goody-two-shoes in all settings – including the NFL.


You gotta dive deeper.

Martin wasn’t prepared for the ice-cold reality of the world – he got taken advantage of, played, pimped, hustled . . . bullied.  He’s a gentlemen gladiator with a brain.  That’s why he was picked on.  Martin didn’t fit Incognito’s limited concept of a Black football player . . . he was too intelligent and compassionate.


Picture if you will an Eagle Scout hangin’ with  Hell’s Angles, Bloods n’ Crips.


Now granted, there’s enough culpability/responsibility to go around the franchise . . . starting with the coaches and owner – because there’s no way they had the vision of  Ray Charles or Helen Keller and didn’t see a damn thing . . . .  Incognito was encouraged to “make a-man” out of Martin. The fraternity-style treatment of Martin and other “underclassmen’”  was par-for-the course – the way it’s always been.  Low-man on the totem pole, littlest brother . . . poop rolls down hill.


But what separates this “indoctrination” incident from all the rest . . . Incognito took it too far, to the point of boot camp abuse, harassment and financial extortion . . . at least.


Incognito is an arrogant, ignorant asshole . . . who can no longer fly Incognito.  I had to, sorry.


Now note, Richie has a portfolio of crimes and antics which brand him a bad man, a trouble-maker n’ rule-breaker . . .  nonetheless he was tolerated and incorporated into the Miami Machine . .  . it speaks World Book Encyclopedia volumes about the values and ethics of this collection of multi-millionaires who constitute the  cartel which is the NFL owners table, no?


Rich men, economic alpha-males if you will. These  aristocrats  put faulty products on the market all the time; cars that aren’t safe, drugs that kill you instead of heal you . . . so why wouldn’t these weasels not put a twisted, demented barbarian on their team? Incognito was signed to the operation because he could help them profit, make moo-lah.


The NFL owner’s country club maintains the identical  morals, values and standards of  Wall Street, translation – “God is money, money is God.” The contradictions abound; Dolphin GM Jim Irland was afraid Dez Bryant’s childhood was too rough – allegedly his mother was a paid whore, nonetheless he’s afraid Johnathan  Martin’s upbringing was too dignified and soft.


Ain’t that a bitch?


Outside of the disgust we can have for Incognito going far-too-far, and beyond the respect we’ve for Martin and his Boy Scout bravery – for not getting down in the gutter with Richie –  this is a snapshot, a Pinterest of  how very uncivilized our so-called civilization can be.


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