RGIII: Life As A “Black Quarterback In The NFL . . . It’s Rough Baby!

Updated: November 27, 2013

RGIII thought all these White folks loved him about this time last year, but now that the skies have gotten a little stormy . . . everybody ain’t your hunny nor buddy. Call them fair weather fans n’ friends. Call it being a Black Signal Caller in a league that does not want you.


If Griffin does feel as if his back-up, Captain Kirk Cousins ‘s being prepped by Starfleet Command, readied  to be beamed-out to the huddle – he’s right. If someone planted a false story claiming Griffin doesn’t want his negative game lowlights to be reviewed in-front of his teammates, then yes, there is an assassin . . .  within the tribe.


I’d submit this young ebony Field General’s realizing he really is Black . . . in a White man’s NFL and America.  Perhaps his international/military background led Robert to believe fanciful notions like “color doesn’t matter,” “people are people . . . all men were created equal?”


Sorry young Mr. Griffin, that’s not the case here.


Everybody White don’t like you son,  yes, they may smile n’ grin  while up in your face . . . insult the entire Black race with that “gee, how refreshingly different you are . . . from the rest “ nevertheless, behind closed doors , well that’s another thing.


Now insurt Mike Shanahan drafting a totally different type/stlye QB in Cousins . . . wasn’t coincidental nor accidental, no, it was strategic and tactical.  Kirk’s the traditional (White) Signal Caller the Shanny’s were more, dig this,

with. . . . .


The owner, Dan Snyder,  once wanted  the enigma that is RGIII, Shanahan, and his boy-wonder son Kyle wanted Miami’s Ryan Tannehill . . . .


Unquestionably Cousins is the White horse in the race, the sentimental favorite of a head coach – whose personal friends with George W. Bush, and an Owner who’s turned a rich man’s cold shoulder, blind-eye  n’ deaf-ear to the noble Red savages who ask him to cease using the term Redskins.


You know, consider the current “season from hell”  this phenom‘s having – I wonder if RGIII has not elicited the ire of

for defending his  . . .

Don’t scramble by the fact –  Grif , the independent-minded soldier’s kid did take Synder’s pompous position,  chalked the “Redskins” controversy  all up to


Look, dig this,  in the estimation of backups Rex Grossman n’ Kirk Cousins, and both the Shanahans – Robert Griffin is a-part-of Dan Snyder’s  “forced experiment,”  a product getting a trial-run – to assess  if Robert’s  as-smart as he comes across. Because after all, the issue in Washington DC  is – Do black men have any brains, any heart, any character? That’s the prevailing question, still, today in 2013 all-across White America.


Please, let’s not deny “Negro inferiority”  wasn’t the spoken viewpoint up until about when?  The post James Harris/Warren Moon era, after 1979? Randall Cunningham, Jeff Blake faced the same assumptions – too-dumb to grasp complicated NFL offenses and too-scattered brained and too-faint-of-heart to stand-tall in the pocket under pressure and decipher complex defenses.


It’s the identical assertions Black doctors, college Professors, Dentist, Rocket Scientist and US Presidents contend with everyday. If I’m lying or grossly exaggerating . . . let me know.

Donovan McNabb attempted to enlighten Griff, but being young,  dumb and arrogant the self-labeled “color-blind” kid thought he knew everything – alas he dismissed McNabb’s words to the wise. Now it seems he understands life in the NFL, for a Black Field General, tain’t  no joke.


Mr politically Independent  minded RG3 ought to have headed the suggestions of a man who just went down the pothole filled road he has yet to travel,and he should of listened to McNabb, because Donovan  as once the same “company man”  who dismissed the issues of race, then the day he said race “matters” in America, in the NFL – Rush Limbaugh had no trouble assembling a journalistic lynchmob to go after #5.

Here. permit me to be brutally blunt and shark-tooth sharp – In suburban barbershops, rural diners and below the Mason/Dixon Line sports bars you’ll find Confederate flags and Nazi Swastikas and the opinion -If a Black QB is not performing like, then he’s on a short chain – the mainstream,

I say conservative White male fanbase, sponsor pool and established media are quick n’ happy to betray and abandon him, see Vince Young.




Why you ask?


Because Black folks are tolerated, not accepted. Do you understand the difference?


I think this kid thought the Shanahan’s liked and respected him, that’s why they were at the his wedding, where he married a White girl. I bet, silly-ass me, RGIII thought, at the time of his wedding – Mike, Kyle and Dan were his friends.


I bet he doesn’t feel quite that way today.


RGIII, like Tiger Woods is learning that White people weigh n’ measure you by the color of you rskin, not the contents of your character.  You get maybe one chance . . . boy, then you stand the possibility of having to endure Vince Young’s fate. Marked, branded, going from the Heisman trophy winner to can’t get a job.

I’ve been telling this kid to put on the Soul Classic “Smiling Faces” by the Undisputed Truth . . ..

See, RGIII thought his wit n’ intelligence would be interpreted as positive attributes, but like an smart, assertive woman being branded an aggressive bitch, he’s a bright young Black man being branded an arrogant, uppity Nigger who does not know his 1967 assigned place.


Robert, they’re trying to put you back in the 3rd class seat they put us in  –  don’t let the bastards have their way son.


  1. Trey

    November 28, 2013 at 4:32 am

    Wow!! I can’t say anything about this article wasn’t true. I’m not even a Redskins fan but I support Black QBs and coaches. You are 100% on the money with this article though.

  2. Morey

    November 29, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    I agree on most parts but I have to say Vince Young and Jeff Blake put themselves in a bad spot with stupid decision making. Griffin should have taken McNabbs advice (granted it would look bad considering how he left Washington and McNabb was not exactly stellar). He should have sought Warren Moon. I find it interesting that Warren Moon (a man who typically defends the young black qb from the over bearing media noise) has not come out publicly defending Griffin. I think it speaks to more of Griffin’s arrogance and his belief that he is the “exception.” He probably spurned Moon’s advice and is getting what he deserved

  3. handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    November 30, 2013 at 9:55 am

    Oh,B******T!!!!Some white are indeed bigoted scum,but many are supportive of in-
    teligent black athletes (and it ISN’T-usually-an insult to differntiate between stupid,murderous thugs and an upwardly mobile black man.(By the way,Trey,it was the VERY BLACK-and demagogic Robbie Parker-RPII-who said Robbie Griffin is a
    “cornball brother” got fired.)I WILL say perhaps were Griff white,Shanahan,Snyder,et al,would have handled him more discreetly following his injuries,but WTH,you’ve got Uncle Tom,a**-kissing,slave-mentality-possessing [mostly] Soutnern Negroes defending that Jersey Shore reject Richie Incognito’s
    verbal,racialized threats against Jonathan Martin because the boyishly handsome,
    Stanford-educated,sensitive Martin did not dress and behave thuggishly.Yes,plenty of whites are likely bigots,but WHO expects their men to
    disgrace them with boorish,even criminal behaviour,and ostracizes as “sell-outs” those who break this mold?)

  4. handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    November 30, 2013 at 9:56 am

    In other words,”JUST US!!!!!!!!!!!”

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