Paul George & Indiana Pace To Win Over The Celtics (97-82)

Updated: November 22, 2013

Boston- The Celtics have been on a serious slump as of lately losing 5 games in a row. The bright side to this is that Jared Sullinger has turned into the double-double machine that everyone expected him to be coming out of college. The huge problem with this situation is that the Celtics had the top seeded Indiana Pacers coming into to town on friday. The Pacers defense has been incredible this year as they lead the league allowing only 87 points a game. The Pacers also have a emerging star in Paul George who is averaging 24.4 points a game coming into the contest.

The Celtics seemed to have everything under control the 1st half of the game as they were shooting above 60% from the field and with Jordan Crawford shooting 100% in the first half. The Pacers finally woke up and played like the Pacers allowing only 8 points in the 3rd quarter and completely shut down the Celtics and took them out of the game. The Pacers whole team was very balanced as Paul George had (27 points) and Hibbert didn’t even have a monster game as he scored 6 points and had 8 rebounds. Scola had 17 points and West added 17 points as well they both were having their way in the paint against the Celtics as all night it was a mismatch for the green. Lance Stephenson had a huge night tonight with a triple double of 10,10,10 in points,assists and rebounds.

The Celtics tried to hang in there but couldn’t get the job down once the Pacers locked in on defense. The one thing that stood out this game was the fact that Jordan Crawford was having his way which was really good but lately the Celtics have played one dimensional and when the wins were rolling in they were playing as a team.

The Celtics go to Atlanta for a back to back tomorrow night and have to figure out what they can do to stop the bleeding. The Celtics need to get back to the basics and the drawing board and its too far in the season for Brad Stevens to still be looking for the starting lineups. The Celtics might be in ATL tomorrow without Kelly Olynyk who injured his ankle in the loss to the Pacers tonight so we will see what the Celtics have left in the tank literally.

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