The Lynching Of Jameis Winston . . . .

Updated: November 22, 2013

“Get A Rope Boys . . . !”


There’s a Scottsboro-like lynch-mob mounted-up, and granted I can’t say hooded, but I can say they’re waging a veiled. cloaked attempt to stop Florida State Signal Caller Jameis Winston from his appointed duty – helping redefine the most herald alpha-male post in sports , “Field General.”


Let’s not make-believe, as sportsfans we don’t understand what’s going on here.


Cam Newton was targeted, as-was Geno Smith by the mainstream “established” press. These journalist  got a bead-on these young NFL Quarterbacks and attempted to lynch them both.


With  Newton – his father played back-room Poker with the NCAA aristocrats, and beat those fatcats at their own game of pimping n’ exploiting college players . . . and in doing-so ignited a blue-flame under the behinds of good ol” boys from LA to Tallahassee. Toss-in Cam Newton’s cleafted-feat are made-of clay – he’s a young man, he made mistakes; cheated on a college test and accepted a stolen laptop. That’s all the ammunition some needed to make him a prime target.


For Geno . . . he didn’t do anything but have the audacity to differ with an pigskin experts damning critique of his “character,” dare to come to  the Big Apple with EJ Manuel. – fueling the horrific prospect two Black Signal Callers  might go in the NFL draft’s 1st round. . . before a White  QB  . . ..


That possible reality started the “coon hunt” for Geno


Can I cut-to-the-chase?


Gee, golly willikers pa’ , but it sure seems a majority of White men haven’t changed . . . have failed-to “evolve” over the last 2 or 3 generations – millions-upon-millions still, just-as their fathers and father’s fathers “despise” Black quarterbacks – just as they do Black Presidents. One is enough as President, and there’s a fortification of the barriers to keep Bronze men out of the ranks of elite quarterbacks. The good ol boys will tolerate Black astronauts before they will Black Quarterbacks,


It’s the symbolic status Alpha-Males have in US society, and “quarterback” is more relatable-to than walking on the moon. Alas, the QB gets the girl, or should I say the White Pom-Pom girl. Go figure.


This supposed “incident” with Winston took place last December – no charges were filed . . .  and now with this young man standing on the verge of making history . ..  there are those willing to do anything to discredit and hopefully bring the rising star down-to-earth, get him off the gridiron by any diabolical tactics required and I sure can’t rule out he’s not being going after for no other reason than he’s a Black man playing the Quarterback position at a major university  and excelling at it.


There’s a slice of the American Apple pie which refuses to move into the 21st century, they refuse to accept that yes, there’s a Black President, and yes the Golden Boy position within American society – the Star Quarterback . . .  is Black.


Trust me, it’s that simple.


A Black guy is about to win the national championship, The Heisman, and secure his spot as a #1 draft=pick in the NFL, barring any catastrophic incidents . . . like the one being manufactured  down-in Tallahassee Florida this week – “A nigger tried to rape me” Charge”  – a classic,  traditional charge that every Black man is consider guilty-of upon just the mere accusation, and now young Mr. Winston must clear his name.

He may never get his up-uutil yesterday’s “good name” back – he is now, n’ forever painted n’ tainted by the mere mention of sexuall assualt.


Now you know, if she’s a snow bunny, a Nordic Princess, and not merely a sacrificial Black lamb . . . .


There’s more-than a few White sportswriters and sportsfans who’re angry – fuming-at-the-nostrils – who desperately yearn to do “their part” to slow-the-roll of the Black tide, the rise of the Black Field General in football.


Roll Black Tide Roll.


The “primetime” timing of the story’s release, coupled with the vagueness of the particulars of the incident, which Winston attest was conscientious –  leave those of us who understand the significance of war-games,  like football,  within US culture – this was most-likely a strategic hit carried-out in the hope-of derailing the Winston Express.


Don’t let these bastards turn-you-’round son . . . .


  1. jeff

    December 5, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    It is too bad you are an angry white hater. What if he were white and the ho was a black girl? Would he be the victim then? No to you it would be the rape of slaves still happening wouldn’t it. Too bad you use imaginary hate to make your living like Booker Washington said not to make a living like this nor use whining like this to make a living.

    • JBizzle

      December 29, 2013 at 3:36 pm

      He’s no white-hater. He’s telling the truth. White people will take every opportunity to go after a famous black athlete especially if it’s a white girl crying rape. Emmitt Till, The Tulsa Riots of 1921, and Rosewood anyone.

      • Josh

        June 3, 2014 at 4:06 pm

        You are so very wrong. He has stolen soda from Burger King, stole crab legs from publix and been accused of rape. Do your saying that because he is black he should be able to do those things? Bullshit. As a top quarterback you have to keep yourself out of those situations because you should know that the media is waiting on any opportunity. The fact that race is even brought into this pisses me off. It’s wrong. You folks need to grow up and accept the fact that he isn’t really a great person or role model regardless of his color.

  2. al riley

    January 3, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    yeah every white woman wants a smelly. poor, bad breff monkey humping her…

    • fdc

      January 23, 2014 at 9:57 am

      From the looks of things, some of them sure don’t want you albino-types, either…

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