Interview with Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Bobcats

Updated: November 13, 2013



What have you done since the USA Basketball to take your game to the next level you feel?


I have been working on my jump shot and just trying to be more of a leader for this team. I just want to make all the right plays and decisions to bring us to the next level as an organization.


What would it mean to you to bring the Bobcats to the playoffs this season?


It would mean a lot to me because; no one believes that we can make it to the playoffs. I want to do it for Charlotte and just show that we can play with the best of the best.


Can you talk about how your partnership with Under Armour came into play?


It has been great they represent what I stand for which is community and the whole I Will theme is how I go about my life. I feel like every day I Will be the best at what I do.


What made you pick Under Amour over Nike, Reebok and Adidas?


Under Armour wanted me it was that plain and simple. Under Amour ownership believed in me and felt like I can be one of the many faces of their brand. I feel like it’s a responsibility and I play hard for my teammates and myself and also for Under Amour.


You have any exclusive color ways that you have been hiding from us Sneakerheads?


I rocked this exclusive USA color way in the Anatomix Spawn for the USA Basketball Summer Camp. Other than that haven’t been hiding any but I can’t wait to showcase the Christmas Lineup this upcoming holiday season.


What is your favorite pair of Under Amour basketball sneakers?


I love the Torch that’s my bread & butter or my go to sneaker its perfect for me. I’m rocking an exclusive player edition in the Torch right now and I love them.

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