HBO Saturday Night a Hit

Updated: November 11, 2013

HBO triple header began with undefeated Vanes Martirosyanvs facing undefeated Demetrius Andrade.  Over the first the two minute and thirty seconds, Andrade dominated the opening round and as he looked to add yet another straight left; he ran into a Martirosyanvs left hook.  This sent Andrade hit the canvas and quickly got back up but he lost the round that he was winning. Over the next two rounds, Andrade jab dominated the rounds but as the third round ended, Martirosyanvs started to move closer and landing some potent right hand. 

In the sixth round Andrade unleashed several shots over the first two minutes including straight lefts following his right hand jabs that forced Martirosyanvs to retreat. While getting nailed with solid shots, Martirosyanvs showed a strong chin as he survived a barrage of six straight head shots.  In the eighth round, Martirosyanvs fought a good round as he managed to connect his right hand against Andrade as he fought his best round at that point in the fight.

From the ninth to the eleventh round, Andrade quick hands dominated those rounds with his jab as it has done throughout most of the fight set up other quick combinations.  This continued into the final round but while Andrade won most of the rounds easily, one judge managed to give the fight to Martirosyanvs, leaving the question; what fight did that particular judge was watching.  History will record this as a split decision; leaving the impression that this was a close round. It was not.

The second fight featured a rematch six years in the making as Phillipine fighter Nonito Donaire against the raging bull, Vick Darchinyan. Their first fight made Donaire name as he stopped Darchinyan in five rounds.  The first two minutes of the round was a feeling around process but over the final thirty seconds, Darchinyan connected with solid left hands.  In the second round, both fighters landed shots that scorched.  Donaire landed left hooks and right hand whereas Darchinyan landed solid lefts in a close round.

In the fourth round, Donaire hurt Darchinyan with left hooks and a solid right but Darchinyan returned the favor with a straight left that stunned Donaire as the bell sounded to end the round. 

As the eighth round concluded, it was a tight fight with neither fighter having the advantage. That changed in the ninth round as Donaire left hook sent Darchinyan down and Darchinyan wobbled off the canvas.  Donaire pursued Darychinyan and trapped Darchinyan in the corner.  He landed a left hook to the top of the Darchinyan’s head and then Donaire landed two uppercuts that forced the referee to stop the fight. Donaire won a crucial fight and this showed Donaire as fighter on the way back.

The undeafed Mikey Garcia wanted Roman Martinez super featherweight title.  Martinez was the more active of the two fighters over the first three mintues and he landed a counter right hand to send Garcia down for brief visit to the canvas before Garcia got back up.  Garcia started to find his range over next three rounds.  Throughout the sixth round, Garcia pounded Martinez with effective power shots including big left hook shots. This continued through the seventh round and as the round ended, it looked like Garcia was taking control of the fight.  Garcia ended the fight with a vicious left hook to the body and claimed Martinez super featherweight title.

This was an evening of action fights with Donaire reclaiming his place among the elite fighters, Garcia move up to super featherweight was a knockout hit and Andrade made a step forward. 

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