Grizzles Claw Out The Win Against The C’s (100-93)

Updated: November 27, 2013

The Boston Celtics just couldn’t get a break when it came to winning on the defensive and offensive sides of the ball going against the Grizzles. The Celtics were outplayed on both sides and could not stop the perimeter or interior defense from the Grizzles. Zach Randolph and Jerryd Bayless were having their way when it came to this game Bayless was drawing fouls and making incredible shots wether he was guarded or not and ended up with (22) points. Zach Randolph was being Z-Bo and was bullying Bass and Sullinger when he wanted too. The Celtics bright spot in tonights game was Avery Bradley and his great play on both sides of the court. Bradley’s defense was starting up some great fast breaks and even saved a great fast break after Tony Allen stole the ball from Jordan Crawford with a nasty block. Avery also scored 16 very important points and was making his jump shot every chance the defense gave him the space.

The Celtics looked dry from the jumpstart and couldn’t get past the Grizzles great defense and balance.  Sullinger had a strong performance with 23 points and 11 rebounds but it was a little too late to try to catch up to the Grizzles. Jeff Green added 26 points and 7 rebounds but the late start from Jeff was a reason why the Celtics lost this very close and interesting game. The Celtics need a spark from the bench because, Kris Humphries came in and gave the Celtics some great minutes and was very productive. The Celtics need someone to step up and be consistent and it hasn’t happened every game it is someone new. The Celtics need to just be consistent as a whole if they are going to get some wins out of this.

The Celtics are playing competitive but they are still losing and they have the Cleveland Cavs & Kyrie Irving coming in on friday. The Cavs have been very solid this year and are looking good but, what it will take for the Celtics to get a win will be rebounding and consistent scoring.  The fact that the Celtics still don’t have a set lineup that is efficient is mind blowing to every fan.

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