You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To Do pt.32

Updated: November 24, 2013

NORTH CAROLINA-(BASN)-1. Somebody needs to explain how Georgia Southern defeated the Florida Gators without throwing a pass.(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)

2. Somebody needs to explain why the Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith gets in a fight every game but never gets ejected.(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)tom

3. Somebody needs to explain when Tom Brady curses it is called “passion” but if Dez Bryant curses on the field it is called “angry.”(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)

4. The Baylor Bears need to explain how they got blown out by Oklahoma State on national television. Man, the BSC has away of making teams disappear.“(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)

5. Miami Dolphins Jonathan Martin needs to explain why he didn’t just punch Richie Incognito in the mouth..”(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)

6. Somebody needs to explain why Texas A&M’s Johnny “Football” Manziel is still considered a Heisman hopeful even after losing three games.“(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)

7. ESPN needs to explain why they let sports reporter Lee Corso fire off a gun after picking Oklahoma State over Baylor on Saturday’s GameDay.

8. Somebody needs to explain why Alabama’s QB AJ McCaron is not considered a Heisman candidate even though he has led the Crimson Tide to a 11-0 record this year. Plus, he won a national championship last season.jw

9. Somebody needs to explain how the Duke Blue Devils football team got so good. And, why East Carolina is not in the ACC but Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Norte Dame are?.”(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)

10. Jameis Winston (You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0). Enough said.

Eric D.Graham,a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where he received a B.A. in Mass Communication with a concentration in Radio and Television and a minor in History, with an emphasis in African-American Studies, is  currently the Editor and Chief of  Black Athlete Sports Network, where his articles  appear daily along with his controversial  cartoon character Bobbee Bee “The Hater.” Graham can be reached at

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