George Zimmerman: The Animal White-Hate set free . . . .

Updated: November 20, 2013


George Zimmerman: The Animal White-Hate set-free . . . . Even sportsfans turn-from the sports-page to shake their heads at this one . George Zimmerman is exonerating Trayvon Martin.


As-time-goes-by,  it’s kind-of like Zimmerman’s spitting, or urinating on Trayvon Martin’s grave.


Gee, call me a racist Black lunatic, but I’d suggest Mr. Zimmerman has unraveled in-front of the nation’s eyes, displaying all the anger and hostility his personal-bio said he was capable of. There’s  not a damn thing shocking, abnormal, surprising nor unprecedented about what this loose-gun has done since the jury and much of White America gave Georgie the “winky-wink.”


George Zimmerman is exonerating Trayvon Martin. Am I lying?


George can’t control his temper, he’s got “Little Half-White Man Syndrome” and  very little anger management abilities. I believe by now most people know this Hobbit “snapped,” “erupted” as he typically does, and needlessly confronted an innocent bystander, a Black boy – attacked him, killed him, and then laid-out his scripted scenario of the crime,


My question at this point; when will this punk, this weasel crack, and confess to cold-bloodily gunning-down Trayvon Martin?


However, let’s not sit-down here at the bus stop, let’s move on; how are White folks – who supported this caveman –  the millions-upon- millions of them who believed George innocent – what’s their reaction to this?


Can you confess you judged a boy by his skin and hoodie? Can you admit you gave this Zimmerman creep the benefit-of-the-doubt . .. because he isn’t Black. Blacks are still weighed n’ measured by nothing more then . . .  we’re Black.


I can’t help but think of Henry Fonda’s classic flik, “12 Angry Men”  for in my little-mind, that so represents and resembles the White America I’ve lived in all my life. Black folks and virtually all Americans-of-Color are guilty, guilty they say of any n’ everything until proven otherwise. Born tainted n’ painted, morally and mentally branded inferior for eternity.


Now, arrogant me,  I know what the Rednecks are thinking . . . “so what? Any dead nigger is a good nigger.”


And my humble thought; that’s a chunk , a serious, serious wedge of the vanilla cream pie which harbors such a blind-hatred for Blacks.

The card-carrying TEA Party guy is the 2,864 pound White Gorilla in the room, the guy who will not go quietly-into the integrated, diverse rainbow sunset. No, instead he’d rather burn ol Abe’s divided house down before he’ll let his ol’ US of A be dirtied by Niggers – regular Niggers, Sand Niggers, brown, red and yellow niggers.

Oh please, give me a break – those terms-of-endearment were created by Whites and ingrained in the US vernacular by White folks – I know today there’s a missionary movement to “enlighten” the world by outlawing the word . . I’d wager Dick Cheney, Rush, Cruz, Hannity and Rand Paul use the word as much as Michael Wilbon and Charles Barkley, I bet you.


But let’s not get distracted with facts n’ history – There’s this element of White America who disregards the details and focuses on the big-picture – riding the land of  Trayvon Martins . . .


So it’s irrelevant and meaningless to real gun-totin’ Americans George Zimmerman is a women-beater, a cop-beater, and a murderer – he killed a Black boy – that’s there kind of guy.


How horrific and just plain scary is such-a notion?


Welcome to America, circa 2014 . . . .


  1. MLR

    November 23, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    WOW, you’ve unmasked some raw hatred that the American psyche still can’t acknowledge…just wow…new fan and I don’t follow sports

  2. Matt

    December 5, 2013 at 11:35 am

    “However, let’s not sit-down here at the bus stop, let’s move on; how are White folks – who supported this caveman – the millions-upon- millions of them who believed George innocent – what’s their reaction to this?”

    Im a white male in my early 30’s. I am from Missouri, I vote independent (my values lean republican), I support the 2nd Ammendment, I was raised by my stay at home mother and my father who has been a police officer for 30+ years, I believed Zimmerman was innocent of the charges during the trial, and I was raised southern Baptist.. I am by all accounts the “Redneck” you write about.

    Your question was “what is your reaction to this?”

    To start, I cannot fully state that I supported Zimmerman, though I thought then and still believe now, that he was innocent of the charges brought against him on the count of the prosecution failing miserably at showing undeniable proof of his crimes. Technicalities, I suppose, but either way you look at it, the prosecutors made a pathetic attempt at trying to show 2nd degree murder until the closing arguments. It was then, (In my opinion) that they began to make headway with what they were trying to achieve, too little too late. Simply, Mark O’meara outclassed and outperformed the prosecutors. O’Meara was 100% fully behind Zimmerman at that time and was the sole reason that the case went the way it did.

    I believed Zimmerman was innocent of the charges, not because it was against a black, pot smoking, seventeen year old. But because the prosecutors did not present undisputed facts to prove that GZ sought Trayvon out because he had prior grievances against him (racism, prior hatred, etc). For me, it was benefit of the doubt and the fact that the prosecution failed at showing proof.

    I think it is telling how O’Meara wont have anything to do with Zimmerman. We all know about Z’s recent legal trouble and the fact that his emotionless wife (throughout the trial) took the first opportunity she got to end her relationship with GZ. Only fools would mistake this as a run of bad luck. These things have swayed my opinion of Zimmerman greatly. I was always taught that “the truth” will manifest itself eventually. I firmly believe that the Martin family will begin to find the solace that they seek as George Zimmerman begins to implode mentally and physically. While they may have lost the case, they are winning the war. His every action is being watched and heavily scrutinized, not only by the media, but by “rednecks” like myself.

    I played a lot of pick up basketball games when I was younger. Occasionally there would be a questionable call that I would stop the game and argue against my opposition. We would ultimately settle the dispute by taking a 3 point shot and stating “Ball don’t lie.” I see the problems with GZ in the same light. While he continues to show the world his true self, and not the respectable young lad from the courthouse, soon we will all begin to see the “real” George.

    So to answer your question “what do you think now?” I think its a matter of time. I still think Mark O’Meara won that case based on the lack of evidence provided by the prosecution. I think that the recent situation with GZ shows his true intentions that night, and I can now relate his mindset to the night of the murder. I still think that GZ should have been innocent of his crimes (especially according to the laws in place) due to lack of proof. But I don’t necessarily think that our government is the be all end all to justice. While the Justice System may have failed this time, I think the weight and pressure on GZ will ultimately be his destruction. Probably a far greater punishment than being shoved away in a white collar prison full of tax evaders. He is a house built on a weak foundation. Its only a matter of time before he crumbles.

    Ball don’t lie.

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