Celtics Show Cleveland Who Rocks With (103-86) Win Over Cavs

Updated: November 29, 2013

The Celtics came into this game with a record of (6-11) and were ready to run and gun to burn off the Thanksgiving food against the Cavs. Jeff Green came out the gate explosive and was penetrating and doing the things we love to see him do. He had the corner 3 pointer working and was attacking the basket and showing us the Jeff Green of last year in the playoffs that everyone was excited for. The Celtics beat the Cavs with a well balanced attack and were being aggressive on defense and offense it also doesn’t hurt to note the fact that the Cavs have no true offense besides Kyrie Irving. It seemed as though the Cavs just couldn’t get anything going and were getting frustrated as even Kyrie showed some emotion taking his protective mask off and throwing it to the side as to say “Its time to get serious”. The Celtics were winning in all phases of the game from inside the paint to outside at the 3 point line where they made 11 3 pointers and even in the rebounding which is very rare for a Celtics team.

The Celtics bigs were making shots that we are used to seeing and shots that we didn’t expect to see as Brandon Bass hit his 1st career 3 pointer tonight and added his 12 points in too. Jared Sullinger has been working on his 3 point shot and Coach Stevens wants him to keep it up as Jared connected with four 3 pointers tonight. Jared hit two 3 pointers back to back at two different points and finished with 12 points in the game and has been a monster on the boards in recent games when needed. It is safe to say that Jared has been the most consistent Celtic player as of lately averaging multiple double-doubles in the past week. The Celtics just have to stay consistent with their play it seems like every week there is a new player that emerges to the rescue and tonight against the Cavs it was Jeff Green with his 31 points and 5 rebounds. If Jeff can continue this for the rest of the season we would be in good shape. Jeff has shown the All Star side of him and the regular player inside of him and we need it to be consistent. Jordan Crawford had an amazing night as well with a huge triple double getting 11 points,11 rebounds and 10 assists and has really been stepping his game up as we need him too until Rondo comes back.

The Celtics defense held the Cavs to 78 points tonight and also held Kyrie Irving to 17 points for the game which is very impressing knowing that Kyrie is capable for dropping 40 points if the chance presents itself.

The Celtics play the Bucks next and the last time they played Nate Wolters had his way with the Celtics and stunned them. The Celtics will try to redeem themselves as they have gotten better on the offensive side and defensive side and have come together since Gerald Wallace calling the team “Selfish” so it will be a good one as the Celtics will try to improve to 8 wins.

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