Too Much Big Al As The Celtics Winning Streak Is Snapped By Bobcats (89-83)

Updated: November 13, 2013

The Celtics thought they had it all together coming into tonights game against the Bobcats but, boy were they wrong. The Celtics shot 38% from the field and it seemed as though the Jordan Crawford running the point show has finally been figured out. The Celtics just could not stop Al Jefferson in the paint and that was simply how the cookie crumbled. Al Jefferson was abusing any interior Celtic player that had guarded him wether it was Olynyk,Faverani, or Bass. Al has his way scoring 22 points and adding on 11 rebounds including a huge put back basket with 17.7 seconds left in the game to give Charlotte the dagger they needed. The Celtics just couldn’t get anything going on the offensive side of the ball and clearly could not deliver with the game on the line with a subpar performance from Kemba Walker.

The Celtics will now be back to the drawing board like they were last week with a lose and now its up to Brad Stevens to figure out what was the pros and cons of the win streak and the losing streak. The Celtics need to have a consistent player to actually be the go to guy and it seems like every game there is a different Celtic player that has stepped up. Bass and Green have been the most consistent but haven’t done it on a game to game basis which is a concern when it comes to play down the stretch.

The Celtics play the Trailblazers on Friday at 7 and they need to get Sullinger back on the rebounds ASAP with Aldridge coming into town. The Celtics have to figure out what they can do better on the rebounds and also they need to still find a great lineup that will actually work for them as a team. Seems like the Celtics play individual basketball at times and it will take a huge effort from Jeff Green to actually bring them to the next level and where they need to be in this early season.

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