The St Louis Rams Could Use Vince Young, Not Tim Tebow . . . .

Updated: October 21, 2013

The St Louis Rams sure could use Vince Young.


Please, someone must tell me “why” VY is Blacklisted, because he surely  is.Tim Tebow earned his way out of the NFL . . . what did Young do, or what can’t he do . . . that has earned his banishment from the land of gridirons n’ pigskins?


I know, I know, I know . . . Vince’s is suppose to be mentally unstable, spoiled rotten and as dumb as a box of moon-rocks . . . well hell’s bells,  so is George W. Bush, and they let him run the empire, declare a war and swap the red blood of GI Joes for Black gold, Texas Tea just to impress his ol’man.


No, I believe VY is a Black-balled baller. a blacklisted Black Signal Caller. Coach Fisher branded this cat a brat back in Tennessee and that’s all the labeling a Black QB needs in the NFL, all a Black person needs in White America. Upon that branding the road turns all uphill and against the wind.


I’m sorry, I know I’m playing the predictable “race card” to defend a prima donna prom queen, but gee . . . someone must. And I know I make it my job to point-out what White sportsfans rather have remain ignored, slighted an dismissed, it’s a dirty ass job, but gee I love it. Look, by merely tellin’ the truth . . . I ignite a blue-flame under the White asses of Redneck fans who’d like the NFL to look like a game between BYU and John Birch University . . . .


The sportspress  is populated with virtually nothing but White guys . . . and roughly-speaking, well over half of the US White male population has race issues – so I find it ridiculous to pretend the pronouncement from sports pundits, like the infamous Nolan Nawrocki are conclusions they arrived at without factoring-in Black skin color – and all the negative attributes and characteristics angry White men declare are inherent within Blacks.


If you ponder “what” the White sports fan is thinking . . . just listen to sports talk radio, or  read the major sports media message boards . . the overt, blatant anti-Black mindset is rampant, rampant I say.


We’re all dumb, ignorant,  lazy, lack character, morals, values and leadership abilities . . . just to name a few of our collective well-chronicled shortcomings. We’re guilty of all these ills n’ woes until we prove to White folks otherwise.


Ain’t that a bitch . . .?


All the slights and insults which White Americans spread about Blacks, amplified endlessly to anyone who’d listen . . . “the only good nigger is a dead nigger.”  Yeah, angry White folks said that and I’d argue millions still say and believe it still  today. Put your ear to the ground, or the wind – just pull it away from ESPN or BET and you’ll hear the same thing my friend.


VY has a winning record and NFL accolades – I can’t imagine that if there were 7 or 8 NFL franchises owned by Afro-Americans . . . one of those teams, being in dire need of an creditable Field General, they’d not summon VY to lead their offense.


However, in a league where there’re no Black team owners, and the midget’s handful of Black head coaches and General Managers are what they pathetically are, and the slow-ass progress we witness comes with the owners kicking n’ screaming, fighting efforts at racial  equality like it was . . .efforts at  racial equality.  I’m as surprised by this as I’d be by snow in Alaska, rain in Seattle and racist on Wall Street.

Yes, of course, It’s no secret I’m a broken record when it comes to race in sports – because quite simply it’s no secret there’s racism woven into the pigskin fabric of the NFL.  I find it deplorable and an exclusionary, discriminatory act to ban Vince Young – while we witness countless little twits man the QB position because they fit the Great White Hope description. Now if other Black wordsmiths don’t have the inclination to point that fact out, they ought grow a set or put the E-Pen down, go get a job working for FOX Sports where they  embrace and amplify the club-house thoughts of spineless, lost Black journalist.


  1. D79

    October 21, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    Are you freaking kidding me?

  2. Gary Norris Gray

    October 21, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    man you must be reading my mind .. that’s the first thing I thought of


    October 28, 2013 at 3:56 am


  4. VCE

    August 25, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    Bring this guy out of retirement…..
    Vince Young,… He can still play at a HIGH level,…. His NFL won/loss record right now is 31-19 as a starting quarterback… He has playoff experience … He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year…..
    The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and Vince can WIN…………
    Bring in Vince Young “NOW”… Evaluate him, if he’s good enough sign him… You will have to guarantee his contract….

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