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Updated: October 19, 2013

Kicks 4 Grades is a organization that I started up so that the underprivileged kids that get good grades in school can be rewarded. My purpose was to make sure that kids from ages 8-15 will be able to get any sneakers that they want that come out in December if they have all A’s and B’s on their report cards.

To enter the raffle the child must send or tag me in a picture of their report card so that they can be entered into the raffle drawing to @Kicks4Grades on Twitter and Instagram or to Travis Singleton on Facebook.

I wanted to make a statement by using my platform as a sports writer and being near theses players to get these kids attention. Being a role model is a job and a responsibility that I take serious and I wanted to be able to give back to the leaders of tomorrow out of my own pocket to show that their hard work isn’t over looked.

I know growing up I was getting very good grades and realized that I wasn’t as fortunate to get the best things all the time and it pissed me off that the kids with bad grades were. This is my chance to give back because, the next Obama or the first female president could be one of the winners.

I’m looking to raise at least $1,000 or more for the sneakers for the kids. I’m very thankful of all the support and for the wisdom from all the chefs and the support system has been overwhelming.

Special Thanks to Roland Rogers for believing in me and giving this inner city kid from Boston the chance to voice my opinion and also for the chance to let me use my talents to reel people and kids in. Also would like to shout out Michael Ingram who has been a brother to me and has encouraged me all the way with this process and with my writing. Last but not least my mentor and family member Stephen Alford because without him I wouldn’t even be living my dreams and working for BASN. 

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