Updated: October 18, 2013

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)—Going to a HBCU separates us from some.

But, it connects us with so many.Because, all of us, who dared to walk in the same path as our ancestors, knew we made the right decision when we got there.

Matter of fact, we could feel our ancestors walking with us to class. Looking over our shoulders as we studied in the library. And applauding us when we graduated.

Why, because W.B. DuBois did it. Booker T. Washington did it. Ida B. Wells did it. Martin Luther King, Jr. did it. Ralph Abernathy did it. Jesse Jackson did it. Kwame’ Ture’ did it. Medgar Evers did it. Louis Farrakhan did it. Na’im Akbar did it. John Hope Franklin did it. Andrew Young did it. David Dinkins did it. Maynard Jackson did it. Louis Bennett did it and Ralph Ellison did it too.

Now, what are you going do?

Don’t miss your opportunity.

It’s a life changing event.

This is no lie.

Because, Black colleges are heaven sent.

But if you decide not to go, there is no need to complain.

Because, they are all one in the same.

And if you decide to come, you’ll be glad you came.

Plus, after one day, you’ll be one of us.

I swear to God, you’ll experience a sense of freedom on that campus.

Because, this is a place which allows you to freely express yourself.

And a place, where your voice can finally be heard.

But, honestly, there are no words

That can describe it or even explain it.

But, you know it; when you see it.

Because, you can feel it in your spirit.

You can see it in your eyes.

Because, there is a sense of pride.

It’s like the day your grandparents sent you off college and stared out the window and cried as they waved good-bye.

Because, they put all of their faith in you, that you would go to school and learn things that they never knew.

Can I get a witness?

You know, this is true.

Because, there is a sense of oneness

And a type of inner peace, which says “This is where I belong.”

Because, this is your home.

Therefore, you should embrace it. Hug it. Love it. High-five it.

Grip it up.

And dap it up.

Because it’s ours.

It belongs to us.

And nobody else.

Why? Because Oprah did it. Spike did it. Tom Joyner did it. Ossie Davis did it. Phylicia Rashad did it. Samuel L. Jackson did it. Ed Bradley did it. Stephen A. Smith did it. Pam Oliver did it. William Rhoden did it. Alice Walker did it and Toni Morrison did it too.

So, what about you?

Will you attend a HBCU too?

See, when you attend a HBCU,

There “ain’t” “NOTHIN’” like it.

Now, this is so true.

Many people know exactly what I am talking about…

While others, don’t have a clue.

But let me re-assure you,

It’s not the same as going to Duke, Carolina or even ECU.

It’s something totally different.

Sorta like a different world

Something special.

Something scared.

Something, we can call our own.

So, brothers and sisters welcome home.

See, we are so happy you came.

I remember your face.

But, I forgot your name.

Oh yeah, that’s: Wale, Taraji, Shabbazz, Christa, Pinchback, Mase, Yvonne, Flipper, Hosea, Geese, Kamu Shasta, and Jocelyn. Regina, Alexis, Puffy, Thurgood, Marsalis, Savannah, Kedar, Esther, Yancy, Bridgewater, Thaddeus. Kimbo, Elijah, Keenan, Constance. Joesphus, Little Richard, Clinkscales, Cassandra and Eryka Badu.

Oh yeah, now I remember you.

We attended different schools.

But, we are on the same team.

And any person, whoever went to a Black college, knows exactly what I mean.

For, we all have the same memories yet different dreams…

And if Norfolk State defeats Missouri in the NCAA Tournament, we all yell and scream.

Because we have formed an unbreakable bond that has binded us all together forever.

Seriously, going to a Black college makes it MO BETTER.

Because, we are all one.

And nothing can divide us.

Because, we are all in the same family.

Besides, I want my nephews and niece to be just like my “brother and me”

One, can go to Winston and the others can go to A &T.

Why? Because my brother, cousin and auntie,

Plus “mama and them”

All went to HBCU

And I want them to be just like them too.

So, they can tell their children about our Blackness, The Block Parties, The Gym Jams, The Lectures, The Learning and the late night debates.

Plus, the Sit-ins, the Protest and the Boycotts

I will always remember those dates.

Plus, I can’t wait

For them  to study Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy, Geometry, Theology and our Black history.

Because, I want  them to be  Doctors,  Lawyers, Accountants,  Scientists,  Engineers, and  teachers.

But, honestly,

I  just want them to be GREAT!!

Plus, I want them to be Black and give BACK!!!

And every homecoming,  promise, they’ll come back .

Still BLACK.

In order to celebrate homecoming, the Battle of the Bands and the Step Shows.

Plus the football games and the basketball games,

You knooooooooow……

Why? Because, Walter Payton played there. Doug Williams played here. Jerry Rice played there. Michael Strahan played here. Earl “the Pearl” played there. Wilma ran here. McNair played there. Shannon Sharpe played here.  Richard Huntley played there.  Charles Oakley played here. Big House coach there. John Chaney played here. Larry Little played there. Driver played here. Lou Brock played there. Sam Jones played here. Jackie Slater played there. Avery Johnson played there and Alice Coachmen went here.

Therefore, I would like to thank Howard. Hampton, A &T, Winston Salem State, North Carolina Central, Southern, Norfolk State, Florida A&M, Grambling, Morehouse, Spelmen, Bennett, Shaw, Bethune Cookman, Morgan State, Virginia Union, Tuskegee, Fisk University, Jackson State, Bowie State, Morgan State, Clark, South Carolina State, Virginia State, Norfolk State and all Historically Black Colleges and Universities throughout the United States for teaching us, inspiring us, and letting us be us.

So, please don’t turn your back on us, or sell us out in order to please some corporate criminals, who want to erase our history and steal our legacy.


It’s Homecoming Ya’ll.

Eric D.Graham, a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where he received a B.A. in Mass Communication with a concentration in Radio and Television and a minor in History, with an emphasis in African-American Studies,  is currently the Editor and Chief of  Black Athlete Sports Network, where his articles  appear daily along with his controversial  cartoon character Bobbee Bee “The Hater.” Graham can be reached at

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