What Dez Bryant Is Really Guilty Of? Disrespecting White Men.

Updated: October 29, 2013

As millions witnessed, Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant damn near went berserk  . . . and I’d venture to say, this young gladiator was primarily motivated by the obvious-fact he was being outperformed, out-played and losing to Motown’s Calvin Johnson –  the “Motor City Cobra” who canonized himself  last Sunday afternoon.


Yes Dez’s outburst seemed rooted in selfish, childish envy and jealousy. Bryant should be reprimanded by the team for behavior “detrimental to the cohesiveness of the team,”  however he ought not be lynched at sunset by fans and writers. There’s no defending his antics, nonetheless they’re not capital crimes against the state.


Granted,  I’m not shocked he went crazy, his childhood, his upbringing  has been crazy. I’m also not surprised by the public reaction, the outcry for his head. Both represent extremes.


Look, by merely opening the book on this kid you realize his life was like a John Singleton Movie, It goes far-beyond being poor or fatherless; it goes beyond demographics and moves into dysfunctional  lifestyles – mom strung-out, family  full of gangsters, pranksters, tanksters, hustlers, hookers and junkies . . . Dez isn’t a Boy Scout, wasn’t raised by monks nor nuns – none of this minimizes or justifies his antics, but it does define Dez Bryant – it offers perhaps ”why” he’s like a country bumpkin at a tea party.


However its irrelevant in the eyes of those who see Dez as only a paid spartan , not an ever-evolving human.


But let’s recognize much of our society harbors little, if any empathy for Black folks, and there’s little that can be done to cast Dez as a sympathetic figure who simply expressed warranted frustrations in an inappropriate manner. . . . And thus, by  disrespecting White men – that’s reason enough to ban him from the NFL for some.


Understand this, Bryant’s  tongue-lashing  tantrum is being transformed into a rage-filled life threatening tirade, a step-away from an actual physical attack. Of course his frustration has morphed into animal like aggression . . . because White sportsfans and writers perceive it as so. There’s nothing more threatening in our society than a big Black man whose unhappy. Nothing.


Recall TO’s outburst in San Francisco years ago,  yelling at White men got Owen’s eternally tagged the “mad Mandingo” and that’s the crime he’s still paying for today – disrespecting  embarrassing, confronting . . . yelling at White men.


Roll your eyes, sigh, laugh in disgust . . . but gee, who can forget this is a nation where White men have made laws, and imprisoned, even hung Black folks for “looking” a White man in the eye? . . . Killed Black men for displaying any form of defiance.  Beaten for not addressing  any and all White men as “Sir.”  That’s where this unique working relationship starts at; White men have an historical problem with Black men, specifically  Black Alpha-Males.


So see sportsfans, we’re neglecting to examine what Dez Bryant is truly, honestly guilty of . . .  disrespecting not merely men, but  White men. Disrespecting his mastermind White coaches, scolding his Quarterback – Romo, who’ s been given temporary “honorary White Guy” status, like Tiger  Woods use to have . . . and guilty of facing-off, confronting, challenging  the make-believe leader of America’s team, Captain America – Jason Witten.


The White American sports world, its court-of fan opinion is branding Dez Bryant as, we speak –  the official angry, brash, ignorant, belligerent, cocky, arrogant   . . . “uppity Nigger.”  While Charles Johnson is being labeled the “good nigger.” Through it all, let’s not lose site of the history of the relationship between Black and White men.


Believe it or not . . .   the entire situation is more complex than few want to admit.


White America loves its Blacks as Negrorized as possible; Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, OJ . . . “White man’s Niggers”, Right? History backs me here fellas. Quiet, docile, obedient, humble, understanding their “place” and attacking only on their master’s command . . . .


I’d submit had Bear great Mike Singletary been Bryant’s head coach . . . he wouldn’t have went off like he did, i.e., See Vernon Davis. Might I venture to say Dez would respect/fear Singletary more than Jason Garrett? Might we have a brief discussion about ‘how Black players relate to White coaches and players . . .” and vice-versa? Might it be so much contempt and hostility between the two groups – Black and White men, that both must walk a tight-rope when dealing with one-another?


Dez fell-off that tightrope.

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  1. Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

    October 29, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    could not have said it better …my man where do you get that fire… send some to northern California I need some for the Washington Football Club

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